How do Wovens fit?

the woven 360's fit big, half to a full size bigger. if you cant try them on, go at least a half size down.
Hmm...I doubt I'm going to find a 13.5 so you're saying aim for a 14?

I'm not sure if such a big shoe is gonna be a good look :lol:
as far as air woven in general. as i recall they do not make half sizes in them. but for woven footscape. i'd say go down half a size if u like a snug fit since they don't have much cusioning inside
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^ Word. I'm thinking of going down a size.

I'm thinking of them to be similar to Rifts. Where I'd normally wear a 13, I prefer a 12 in Rifts so that they're snug.

Wish I could try them on beforehand. Guess I may cop a 12.
sorry bout that. i edited my post. they run pretty long so go down a half size at least.
gotty - you and me both are looking for wovens.

stay away from my sz13's. :nerd:
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usually im a ten but i went 9.5 on these.
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i got the tweeds, and i wear 8 and got an 8.....
felt the half down didn't help:/

i sugest trying on if possible.
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the regular footscape wovens and the 360 wovens are not the same fit, at least my pairs aren't. for some reason, the 360 wovens seem to be way bigger. i wear a 9 and i have a pair of the oto woven 360's in size 9 and i need to stuff the toe a bit.
I think the 360 Wovens are such a great shoe but I just can't bring myself topay that much for them. Huf had a sale a month ago and I really wanted a pair of these but they didn't have my size.'s really sounding like a 12 at this point.

Thanks for the info and tips folks. much appreciated.

mheftman - there's some lurking out there for decent prices right now. I've always casually liked Wovens and they hybrids are so dope, I'm going to finally give a pr a chance.
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