How many dunks do you own?

Joined Jan 26, 2004
around 01, i caught on to the dunk stuff cause i got tired of seeing dudes rock filas. i bought about 30 pairs of dunks between 01-03, then boxed them all up with silica packs, wrapped in saran. I went to the military, served my 4, got out, came home, and they were still here (not to mention i'm 14,000 in credit card debt, mainly due to trips to Haight St and Mainland Skate) brought some 50 pairs home thru TMO, and let them sit too. Earlier this year, I had 20 DS pairs, with some 60 VNDS pairs, including the Ice's, Oxides, Shimizu 1 & 2, Forbes, Ghosts, Pink/White Splatters, and the Haze Lo's.

Let's just say my closet looked a mess, and i had to do something with them, so i cranked em' out on ebay. Thank you NT! You guys helped me pay off my credit card debt, as well as make 600% on my initial investment. If it wasn't for hypebeasts, i would have a FICA score of -360.

Thanks Theodore Waddle from Moplis, Alabama,for letting me name my price for my Penny 1's! I know i busted your head, but you helped a young black man rise up and overcome adversity.

Will post pics of collection when i get home.
please help a young black man rise up and overcome by bidding on my ebay auctions... ID: MRDONTPLAY1
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i have mostly jordans and basketball shoes....only 4 jordan dunks and one pair of highs is all...
Joined Nov 4, 2004

Looking for DS Ghosts, DS HUF HIs and DS Brown Pack His in 8

aim: TJO x
Joined Feb 8, 2004
40. They are one of my favorite models of sneaker (if not my favorite) so I'm proud to own that many. Good combo of gr's, sbs (mostly 2004 and before), co.jps and quickstrikes etc. I would love to have the full set from 99-2000 and all the footaction exclusives, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Mister Meaner

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Joined Mar 24, 2007
I just bought a pair today, the tweed-like hi, so thagt brings me up to a whopping 2.

edit: I wish I had 3 - bucks, and I'll add pics of my 2 pairs.
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