How to Post Pictures for Dummies


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Step-by Step Process on How to Post Pictures on NikeTalk or any other EzBoard.

First you MUST upload the picture to an image hosting site such as TinyPic, Image Shack, or PictureTrail.

Remember the image must be in .jpg format or .gif format

I'm going to use TinyPic.

Click on the "Browse" button and it will take you to your folder.

Select on any picture that you want uploaded.

After you have selected your image, click on "Host Image"

Now Tinypic is uploading your picture to its server.

After your image is uploaded, the Url address of the picture will be given. This is important since this is the picture that you will want posted on NikeTalk.

When you are on the "Add Reply" or "New Topic" screen, you will need to click on the "Image" button.

It will bring up a prompt box where you will enter in the Url address of your image that you have just uploaded.

Type in your Url address into the prompt box.

After you have clicked the "Ok" button, all you have to do is review your post and click on the "Add Post" button.

This is what your post should look like when everything is done correctly.

**Please remember when posting pictures, that the still apply with regards to the pictures contents.**ing for Michigan at forward, a 6-9 freshman from Detroit, MI #4 Chris Webber; at forward, a 6-6 freshman from Austin, TX #21 Ray Jackson; at center, a 6-9 freshman from Chicago, IL #25 Juwan Howard; at guard a 6-5 freshman from Plano, TX #24 Jimmy King; and at guard, a 6-8 freshman from Detroit, MI #5 Jalen Rose. They were known as the "Greatest Class Ever Recruited" or simply known as the Fab Five ~ Mitch Albom [/size][/b][/size][/color][/font]
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What about uploading from your cell phone directly? It loads saying "embedding" but never converts the photo
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