I Need Help Deciding on What Dell Laptop to Buy...NT Help Me!! Looking for opinions

Nov 4, 2007
ok so recently my laptop died and i am in need of a replacement...I have a pretty good discount on Dell products and was looking at buying a laptop fromthem....i will be using the comp for school, internet, secondary movie player, secondary music player, photoshop, illustrator, webdesign, and some othersimpler tasks...I will need this computer to be mobile while also being big enough to be a desktop type laptop...so 15-17 may be big but 13 and under may betoo small...I have heard Dell is very reliable and would like to take a shot with them...i have owned HP and Toshiba laptops and would like to see how Dellcompares...

i took a look at the Studio XPS's and also the Studio and XPS series seperately...The Adamo series looks like a Mac but i dont know if i want to invest intheir newest series quite yet...I have also taken a look at the Alienware series that they have...I liked the Studio XPS 15 or 17" and also the Studio 15or 17...I am having trouble deciding...

All in all i am lookin for a computer to last me a while, till i get out of school and am more on my own financially...my price range is not limited based onthis discount so i am not worried if the computer comes out to 1700-2300...i would like to atleast have 4gb ram (and still be able to upgrade) and the fastestpossible processor available per model, while utilizing HD screens and Blu-Ray capabilities...

Does anyone have any suggestions on which model is best and why?

Try not to say jump to a MAC because im not quite sure if Mac is for me yet...so i would like to stick with Dell for now...Unless people have a great educatedarguement to switch (and i dont wanna hear it doesnt get viruses)

First hand experiences are greatly appreciated....


I need a new comp/laptop, prefferabley Dell
Used for school, graphic design, multimedia, webdesign, portability necessary
Liked the Studio XPS series and also the Studio and XPS separate
Need an opinion and help deciding which series would be the best investment...price range is not limited
I do a lot of hardcore image editing and programing on my XPS as an architecture major.
Holds up really well. Going strong 4+ years.

No Mac.
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well that didnt take very long.

anyway. i've been eyeing the studio 17 as well, but for a while now. the xps i wasnt too crazy bout cause its too much of a gaming laptop & thats notwas i looking for. i havent really compared the studip xps and the regular studio line (maybe someone wouldnt mind. . .), but im really liking what the studiohas to offer. pretty solid core 2 duo processor, i believe they offer up to 6 gbs of ram, the hdmi output, backlit keyboard, hd screen, blu-ray, finger reader,webcam. there's just alot that i really liked bout the studio 17. . .
Originally Posted by Dunkaroos

I do a lot of hardcore image editing and programing on my XPS as an architecture major.
Holds up really well. Going strong 4+ years.

No Mac.
what size XPS do you have? and what is in it? like processor, ram, etc...

thanks for the input guys keep it coming
I picked up the Studio 17 last September. I absolutely love it; no problems and it was the best computer for the best price.
I currently own a Studio XPS 16. Just got it a few weeks ago. Very satisfied with my purchase as I will be using it for college. I bought it after beingadmitted to UCI.

I was looking at the XPS before I purchased this one. But I shopped online at the Dell Outlet with a 15% off coupon. They still have it so I would suggest thatroute.

I opted for a Studio XPS because it is more powerful than an XPS at a better value. It also comes with better hardware, such as the graphics card, bettermemory, and the design is better as well. The keyboard is softer than an XPS, big plus. And it's stylish. If you find one, I am 99% positive it will beconfigured to suit your needs. These are powerful laptops and Dell's latest designs, more recent than the XPS.

Good luck finding one at the Dell outlet though, they go fastttttt. I was literally camping out online for a while and luckily a few popped up when Irefreshed. But if money ain't a problem, just go ahead and purchase it configured to your specifications.
Here's how I built mine...

Jet Black
Intel Core 2 Duo (2.20GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB cache)
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 64 Bit
Microsoft[emoji]174[/emoji] Office Home and Student 2007 - Word, Excel + PowerPoint
Glossy widescreen 17.0 inch display
6GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz
320GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)
256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
8X Slot Load CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVDR Drive)
Integrated 2.0M Pixel Webcam
Intel WiFi Link 5100 802.11agn Half Mini-Card
56 Whr Lithium Ion Battery (6 cell)
High Definition Audio 2.0
haha...aite i know macbook is really nice...i know all the complaints im really kinda just asking to the people who have had a dell/own a dell what did theyget and what did you customize it to be...i dont need a mac like everyone else and i take care of my computers enough to not have to worry just like a mac userwould imo...i mean if you are gonna say "go with macbook..." then answer WHY? im used to having two buttons to click, im not so in tune with mac asmuch as i am with a pc...dont get me wrong i like macs and what apple is doing but maybe im just not a follower of them quite yet...to each their own
if you can also, wait a lil while till the bts sales start poppng up. that is if you can wait. . .
well the thing is i get a discount already so i dont think i can add on more discounts that are available to the public...im thinkin of just gettin the studio15 with all upgrades except the ram or a studio xps w/ evrything...i found out my toshiba that i thought died just had a bad connection with the powersource...oops i feel pretty dumb...but i would like a new computer since i cant upgrade any higher without buying a new processor...and i want a new laptopanyways...
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