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Feb 25, 2005
What's the best shoe out there with the best impact protection besides those with shox. Also it must not be very heavy..thanks!!
why no shox? vc2 are the best all time for impact protection.

both lbj 2 and 3 have excellent impact protection. 3's should still be easy enough to find.

as for current stuff the af25 are very good in this department.

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i aint really fond of shox.. for me its a lil bit stiff. Are the af25 really good, i recently over strained some ligaments in my ankle thats why im lookin for a shoe that'll provide great impact protection..
hmmm.. u sure about lb4s.. i heard after a couple of hours playing in them, your feet and legs become sore.. and i cant afford to hurt my foot again...
i had the 360s and the impact protection on those was definitely second to none. i would still be playing in them but they ran small. the 14 was tight and the 15 was big.
indoors they hold up well.outdoors is another story weight is about on par with a pair of shox basketball the shox lethal if not a little bit lighter.I would say stay away from the patent leather versions since mine started cracking after about 8-9 times out.
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^durability is good becasue build quality is good. outdoors tho, the translucent outsole would get eaten up.

plus they're just too damn expensive to use outdoors i dunno who's got money like that.

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