Is it just me or do Dunks wear out really quickly?

Better than military 4's that look terrible after 5 wears (+/- 4)
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^ I know what you mean I think its the same for all the 4's (rip to my black cats :frown:

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you need to get more shoes. dont wear your shoes too much. on another hand my 3m/obsidian lows have been worn to death and are still fine
Never really had a problem like this after that many wears. But I def agree on the IVs my military one's look terrible after only 5 wears.
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3m/obsidian lows have been worn to death and are still fine

Amen to that!! i've had those forever and worn at least 40 times and they still look crisp. i don't know about the new retro IV's, but i have the cool grey ones and i've worn them quite a few times, they still look fresh
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it depends how many times you wear it.
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Wouldn't it all depend on what activities you do in them?
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30 wears is not quick.

It also depends on the material and quality of the shoe.

Which dunk are we talking about?
Better than military 4's that look terrible

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lol i have shoes that i have had for about 2 or 3 years and i have yet to wear them 30 times...i say u buy some beaters and keep ur others real clean
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It's not so much that they wear out quick, it's just the design on the bottom because it is so fine and not very intricate wears down to smoothness quickly. That happens on alot of Nikes and Jordans now a days, does that bother anyone other then me, having a little wear down on the back?
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It maybe the materials used but shoes will eventually breakdown....but I have worn my tweed hi's plenty of times over the yrs and they still look nds....I guess its the material cuz my fogs that I bought a couple of yrs ago are thru....I need another pair of those.....but u also gotta switch up the rotation
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