is the Hyperize cut wider than the Hypderdunk??

Joined Jun 22, 2008
i currently play ball in the hyperdunks, but was wondering if they hyperize is cut wider, because i have a wide foot. i could only play in the hyperdunk because it was the only shoe that was high enough after my ankle surgery. although they seem extremely similar, i have been hearing that the hyperize is a much better shoe. can i have some opinions and does anybody know if the hyperize, is in fact, a wider cut shoe?
Joined Apr 10, 2009
So far the Hyperdunk is the best shoe I've played in (haven't test drove my Kobe V's yet). However I have a narrow foot so that's why they're the best for me. There is a wider fit in the Hyperize IMO (which is why I don't wear them) so they might work for you;especially with them being at the outlets right now.


Joined Jul 21, 2002
I think. its the same width I could be wrong.... I will check my shoes today.
Joined Jan 4, 2010
the hyperizes are a more narrow shoe but because they don't have the extra set of lace eyelets on the inside ankle area, they don't have the lockdown fit the hyperdunks have. besides, the hyperizes bottom out faster because they really skimped out by reducing as much lunarlite foam as possible. its better to stick with the hyperdunks.
Joined Jun 21, 2007
Just got a pair of hyperizes. I must say, they are not worth the buy. I had a pair of hyperdunks; and the two shoes seem to fit the same. Main issue is the shoe is very unstable. Whenever I cut, I feel like I'm going to roll my ankle (I tie the shoe all the way up including the last eyelets). Not to mention, there is not much cushioning. This is a gift and a curse. You get a more low cut feel; but whenever you land, it hurts. Anyways, if you want a pair of high's, I'd suggest some Lebron's.
Joined Sep 5, 2009
i got a wide foot and the hyperizes are alright, but the lebron 7's is wider
Joined Jun 5, 2006
The forefoot seems loose and I have a wide foot and high arch. The hyperdunks are way better than Hyperize. I have not seen a pair of hyperdunks at the outlets but have recently seen Hyperizes on sale and they just came out this year. I wish I would have bought another pair of HD's
Joined Apr 10, 2005
Its certainly crappier for hoops due to a significantly flimsy, unstable upper and much poooooorer lockdown than the Hyperdunk... oh wait, what was the question again?
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