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Jul 8, 2003
My sneakers are an extension of me.
Often times, what I wear goes far beyond aesthetics and "cool".
My shoes express my passion for life, my moods and what I believe in.
My collection is extremely personal. Lots of sacrifices are made.

Amongst all of this excess, please know that I am a humble person.
I am here to share my passion with like-minded individuals. Before these sneakers, I am a person, I am a father, I am a husband, I am a friend.

I have sneakers. Sneakers do not have me. <-Rox* Fontaine

Here is a through the years tribute post for all you guys on NT.
Especially the guys that have helped me along the way or given me the inspiration.
And also for the guys that almost made me retire from collecting, the haters, the backstabbers, the hypebeasts. Thanks to you guys for re-fueling me back to 1 , the reason I was doing this before NT when I thought I was by myself.
I like the rare shoes and its not always because they are rare.

I started collecting not to be a collector but a designer.
I wanted more insiration than I had around my room.
Once I started that collecting insiration took over.
Now the rarity comes in with that.
I love the design process and to see that you must dig a little deeper than GR. What I have takes me to the design round tables.

This is not a collection post!!
But I am sharing some things I havent shown anyone for the most part.
No need in showing tons of stuff everyone has.

^ Leather sample version, no toe groove lines
I wanted these the day the pics leaked.
Finally got a chance to get them.
The released version are better yes, but you gadda love the change too.

^ Q Rich Clippers PE
Gadda love the black sole with the colorway combo.

^ Tinker signed V's
These mean so much to me.
I dont really like signed shoes but.. Tinker is my all time hero, bar none.
More so than an MJ signature I would have these.

C Webb Chrome Dada's samples.
Loved the crazyness of these when I saw Chris wearing them in the all-star game.
I would have never bought them but I found them for the low low.$15

^ Bonus CHROME Shot.

^ Sample Oxidized Green OG XIV
One of the cleanest looking shoes ever.
JB dropped the ball with the addition of the black sole.

^ George "ICEMAN" Gervin OG Nike Blazer PE
You young bucks dont even know how ill of a player he was since you cant remember the release of OG cords.
Click the link to understand why he is a legend.ICEMANS stats and career summary

^ Nike Air Pythons.
The laces are snake skin, alot better than the crap they put on shoes now.
Pretty much one of the first hyperstrikes.
Rare as you can get in the rarest colorway you can get. Python pack consisted of these and Delta Force Hi's in 3 colorways.
Try to find these.

^ Jordan XI trainers
Never retroed Air mission trainer uppers updated with the touch of patent and accented the best way possible with Tru XI soles.
Green tread pods, woot!

^ XX low Canceled samples.
These were supposed to come out but due to low sales on the first colorway of the XX low they canned the release. They should have dropped these first IMO. Thanks Kazi.

^ DA XI lows
Had trouble getting the lighting right for these pics.
XI's are so hard to capture the way they are in person.
One of the most desired PE's around.
Who doesnt have love for Concord Lows?

^ OG blk cement III's
As close to DS as you can find.
OG cement paper, from what I have been told only the first 500 run had the paper.
One of the first shoes I payed alot of money for.
I felt guilty for weeks. I only spent $300, I laugh about that now.
Its funny how paypal money is like monopoly money to me now.
Shout out to A2M's on that!

^ note : a cool thing about 45 SJ samples is the jumpmen that face eachother.

^ "45" Space Jams and retro GR, my wedding shoes.
45's, lol an extra 1k+ for these lil numbers on the back to be different.
Stupid, but so ill, still not justification.

^ OG AM180 / BW Hybrid
Nike does some crazy things.
My guess is its an OG weartest samples.
Sz 11. If anyone has more light to shed on these I'd be honored.

^ note: the tungue on these wraps around the ankle.
It is very stiff for addititional ankle support and to protect laterial movement.

^ XXII prototype
I thought JB was going to be a big brave bear and drop these. To much risk for the powers that be.
These would have been a step in the right direction for JB IMO, like the old days.
Daring to be different, not worried about pleasing everyone, and setting a standard. So much for that. See what happend when Tinkers gone.

^ Jordan X prototypes featuring the IX sole.
Rare isnt the word.
I know you all have seen my pics of these before but I couldnt leave them out.
My favorite parts arent shown but its little pin marks on them.
Remeber how I like the design process.
Thanks GOD!! And my church for a free missions trip to Japan!!

^ Mitch "rock" Richmond XVI PE
One of my all time favorites.
XVI PE's are by far my Fav. These do not translate to pics. So ill in hand. Thanks David!

completly DS! And you thought a sz9 was the biggest they came inthese are a 9.5!! :tongue:

^ Nike Jordan Sky High
2 year search is over.
All I wanted was to find a clean pair of the colorway that is more widely known, luckily I came up on these.
Completly DS, I feel blessed to own these.
For those of you that dont know, These were made in 1990 as a test shoe to check jumpman ankle placement.
For those of you that like VII's, thank these. Rare huh? If you have the other colorway get at me! :rolleyes

^ So now you have the blues! Call me BB King!
Blue AJ KO's
Dont adjust the color on your screen.
Big ups to Japan again!!

^ Gentry's wedding shoes.
SZ 10.5, finally something I can wear. Remarkable
From what I understand these are exclusively made for Gentry and his wedding party.
Only 15 pair made though these are the only known pair in collectors circulation to my knowledge.

These have moved on, smh.
Some cool things about these.
1. no carpet on tungue
2. no graffiti side panels.
3. no graffiti liner
4. these were made in 2002 when the viii low were made. They are sz13.5

^ Original Air Jordan 1's ...or are they?
I honestly dont know what to make of these.
I know for sure they are 100% authentic.
The box says Terminators.
Some old Japan sites that have some pics of these call them Big Nike Jordans.
I have talked to alot of people regarding these and have came up with no solid answer that everyone can agree on.
Some say a factory error, some say color test samples, others think they were a limited released version in asia.
All I know for fact is that they are crisp and rare.
Some anyone can shed some more light on these be my guest.Thanks for viewing my Post.
I have alot of other great shoes but these are some that are just special to me.
Like i said before this is not a collection post but just a thank you post.
May this inspire more of you to stop buying crappy retros and give you a love for the unknown, rare, and originals that paved the way for the shoehead bait that nike makes now.Maybe I'll add some more pics and stuff later.

Hello NT FAM.
I cannot thank you guys enough for the Love.
ThankYou for every comment that was made.

I think I did enough talking in the first post.
On with pics and notes!!!!!

Maybe not the Nicest Bib PE, although very nice but perhaps one of the more rare ones not seen so often. Not so much the biggest PE guy anymore after the Craziness the last couple of years that made me sick but I cant seem to move these on.
^ Dill inspired pic.

^ Cool Grey IX Samples
These are so nice with the all white tread.
Its funny how little changes can make such a difference on the entire overall look.
Im not so sure if these are supposed to have the Lace locks and Grey hang tag but its how I got them and Im keeping it that way incase.

^ Stage 1 Prototype XXI samples.
Dont let these confuse you like they did with alot of people.
The 15 on the heel is just a Note to Designers.
These are not Melo 1.5 prototypes nor do they have anything to do with Melo.
On to some more fun with these shoes! :wink:

~ How rare is it to have a factory Sample box?
None needed Proof for those doubting Thomas'.
The code Name for the XXI's was/is Elav8.
I'm not sure how long they have been doing this but Jordan Brand makes up a Code Name for the new designs of the flagship each year.
The reason for this is so people like us and other nosey employess dont try to look for early pictures or get into Nikes systems and look up product details or di*****ions before they are ready to give them out themselves. Now to another cool thing on these.

^ XXI Stage 1 prototype Gell IPS units.
Gell pods! Could this be the future of JB? I dont know.
They are Soft, but not too soft, responsive, and support nicely.
Im only a 10.5 and these weartest samples are a 13 but I did try them on with the gell IPS pods and gell insole insert, and I did enjoy from what I could tell.
However what is Air Jordan with no air?
A 1992 Phylon Technolgy (started with the VII's) made into pods, stratigicaly placed is not a form of inovatation to me but more of a Gemic to have a Technology to idenitify themselves seperate from Nike.It does work though and it is comfortable. So who am I to say. I just think they could utilize todays technology more so to there advantage

^ XXI Stage 2 Prototype
The Pou Chen Sample Hang tag on these also says Elva8.
Notice the VENTI UN on the heel ~ Italian for XX1 , also featured on the black pair above.
Wing logo is so nice on these! The tread pattern DNA weave is alot tighter of a weave and note that these only have three forefoot IPS units unlike the GR with four. No edition of the extreme amounts of carbon fiber yet but you can start to see the XXI as we all know it. These also have a Anti-inversion ankle piece that runs up the side of the shoe to the ankle between the liner and the leather.Maybe some more later, thanks again!!


Dont steal My picks of the boy, I didnt tag them!!! I better not see these on ebay.

Its a Awesome day for me. Just brought home my first born son.

His Name is Maverick, He is a member of the NT fam, collection sitting on 7 pair growing every week.
But be on the look out this lil guy is going to inherit some serious heat!

Its amazing how he is already my lil buddy with nothing done or said. Truly an experience that you can only live.

Theres some shoe pics for you herbs with no life too.
^LOL @ the House arrest ankle device!

^ Born August 31st, 2007 at 8:02 pm
8.2 pounds , 21 inchs long.

Tennessee Sneaker Summit June 16th in Nashville

Enjoyable post, man... It's always cool to see things that you never knew existed... What else you have in there???
Team Vintage Heat​
Never too old..​
great post and thanks for sharing bro! its amazing how you get your hands on them...
'Its an obsession, a hunger and an unrelenting quest. Its the reason you learned Roman numerals, for Christ's sake' -A.Parker
Oh lord. Amazing shoes. Platinumposites,low xi's,icemans,13 samples...everything is just wow
i need amsterdams and kid robots size 10.5-11.5My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn't stand the sideline...-Michael Jordan the GOAT
Amazing post, much props to you man. I damn near 'right click...saved' everything.

It's great to see a passion for kicks like this.
We're Feeling Lucky​
Joe, to much to put in one post!
you've just shut down NT
absolutely wonderfull, thanks for the explanation for every shoe....


May this inspire more of you to stop buying crappy retros and give you a love for the unknown, rare, and originals that paved the way for the shoehead bait that nike makes now.
Team Vintage Heat​

Never too old.​
amazing heat bro AMAZING
Need The Warriors "We believe" t shirt from the playoff game? i got a few left! msg me!
One of the best collections I have seen. So much rare stuff, it's unbelievable. Good stuff, glad you shared it with us.

I'm not even tired yet.
holy hell
So many hybrids and samples...its mind blowing...those blue ajkos and amazing btw

Looking to buy:
Nike Maharishi Terminator Sz 10.5-11
Great stuff Joe! Not bad for a women's underwear rocker.
You can only burn so many bridges until it's not safe on the other side... Stranded...​
Excellent post Joe! Thanks for sharing pics of some insanely rare pairs and also bringing us into your world as it pertains to shoes and your feelings about them.

Well done man!

Jay Jones
"Dependable Jay"
ok collection, keep it up.

jk man. That is amazing! The explination under each picture is very helpful also. Amazing!

Team Vintage Heat
Incredible, the time and work that must have taken!
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