Jordan 1 Mid - sizing issues?

Dec 13, 2022
I submit to you this problem that appears to me to have never been mentioned anywhere.
Assuming that I fit a size US9 (EU 42.5) typically for most shoes (e.g. Adidas etc...) and my left foot is slightly larger than my right (my build is still thin, I'm skinny, but I am tall), I would like to bring this problem to your attention.
I bought in April this year some Jordan 1 Mid Shadow Red, new pair, and I was immediately happy with them, the fit seemed right at the moment and I used them all summer except that at the end of the night I would often get a little pain in my left foot (the larger one), recognizing that perhaps the shoes were a little too small. On the left foot, where the fit was more comfortable since it is a lil' bit narrower, I didn't have too many problems all things considered.
Whereupon in September I was able to try on another pair, also new same US9 size, which I immediately found more comfortable except that the heel seemed to go looser on the back. An impression? The toes fit much more comfortably in the toebox...obviously. The length of the two pairs of shoes seems the same, the second one appears just to be a little wider.
Now what I'm wondering is, why the difference? Is there a fake in the way? (The smaller pair?) Yet to me they look like two perfectly identical pairs, original and legit, including box and everything. I might try to attach some photos, hoping you can tell me something about them. Thank you very much.
on the left the "smaller pair" on the right "the bigger one"




left the "smaller" right the "bigger" pair. In the images below the internal mesh is the same, it appear to be different only because of the use of the flash...
IMG-20221213-WA0009.jpg IMG-20221213-WA0010.jpg
IMG-20221213-WA0007.jpg IMG-20221213-WA0006.jpg
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