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Jun 26, 2002
Apparently my original post was too bold.

What really needs to be done for places here to get an L'Style account? Toronto is one of the biggest cities in North America it has one of the the top boutiques across the world in Goodfoot which is the only spot to have a Tier 0 in Canada. Follow that up with established stores like Da Zone, SVP, Nike etc your telling me not one spot shouldn't have had an account from the beginning?.

I've been in this sneaker culture since I was a kid and I'm at the point that I'm tired of having to get @ people to obtain a shoe for me. I would just love to walk into somewhere and buy what I wanted and leave. With this nonsense going on with the Grape V's it's just really getting to be frustrating and I refuse to pay $300 for a shoe that's worth $145 that's just wrong.

Even in Buffalo which is less than an hr away doesn't have a legit store that carries this account. But then back in Jan '06 there was no problem with me obtaining my DMP from there. I remember the man behind the brand Michael Jordan saying various times when he was in this city that he loved everything about it and it was one of his favourite cities to come to. I just wish some people who are responsible for approving accounts would finally step up and give a city like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal things they deserve that's all.

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Quit whining, there are ALOT of nikes that canada and other cities either get early, or get period, and the US doesnt get. Air Forces, Air Maxes, alot of nikes in general.

China even got 2 exclusive jordan retro 1`s around 2000 or 2001, i think an all black pair, and the $1000 pair of white and silver ones that came in a suitcase similar to the one that came with the 17`s.

We are the U.S., this is where Jordan played basketball, what do you expect? i dont think they know or care that he has a shoe fanbase in canada, they wont sell anywhere like they sell in the US, face it and quit cryin like a baby.
well I used to care about this too.....

But now that Canada won't let me in the country....i'm kinda glad



on all shoes, no matter how many you buy
^ I hear what you're saying and it does suck.

But really, you have to do pretty much the same thing to get kicks here, even if you have stores with LS accounts in your area (unless you're an experienced and avid camper).

All the complaints you have are exactly what I feel here. That's why I pretty much ignore any limited releases now because it's BS. I sure as hell ain't gonna be a clown for JB and jump whenever they say. Running the Ironman would be easier than what you have to go through to pick up some damn sneakers. That is of course, unless you have connects.

...i hear what you're saying. i'm from canada but in US now. canada is like on another planet when it comes to sneakers. consider the fact that China got the grapes but Canada isn't getting them. Kind of messed up if you ask me. But it;s not just Jordans. Nike ID is available in countries like Hungary and Greece but not Canada. and if anyhting is ever sold in Canada, retail prices are ridiculous. $130 retail for GR Air Maxes and AF1s. $180 retail for Mars and Militaries???!!?!? Probably the most expensive place on Earth to buy kicks at retail.

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I don't understand how we got a store with a Tier 0 account but we can get any of our othe restablished spot to an L style account. Pisses me off when i gotta pay double the price for the shoe
lovethexxiii- Jordan did play ball in Canada - against Raps n Grizz's . Jordan brand should care bout the shoe based fan in Canada since we buying his shoes n increasing the profits for his company. Next time THINK before u type
^smh at this guy doesnt even know his jays all black 1s and silver 1s released in china? lol
Now the whole purpose of this post is over.

It was suppose to be in the JB forum but now some mod has moved it here. It's well known that people from Nike & JB visit this site, I was hoping this could change things but instead whoever moved it here basically just shoved the topic under a rug.
he probably meant Asia.
No, they were not release in China but Japan instead.
and you can add navy (withouth coloured jumpman), and white/navy in there.
It was suppose to be in the JB forum but now some mod has moved it here.

you can alwasy post in that other forum...I$$

Is it better to abide by the rules until they're changed or
help speed the change by breaking them?
hey dip, not sure if this is true or not, but i heard that there's a lot of other agreements that a store has to follow if they agree to obtain an LS account. Instead of just obtaining L'style shoe releases, stores would also have to carry the whole clothing line that comes out with the shoe. that includes shorts, shirts, jackets, and other accessories such as hats and belts. not too sure how accurate this information is but it's what i heard. maybe that's a factor in the whole situation...maybe most stores don't want to have to carry all that extra stuff and worry about selling it when they know ppl really just want the actual shoe.
^ That's what an L'Style is the shoe plus clothing that goes with it, but cmon even one of our NIke stores should have this at least.
.... the demand is probably not that high for the apparel that comes with the LS account so shops in Toronto don;t want to carry it. you should ask SVP and da zone for example why they won;t get an LS account and they;ll prob tell you why.

Is it better to abide by the rules until they're changed or
help speed the change by breaking them?
I know all the negatives about an L'Style account already I am educated on the topic.

1) You HAVE to carry the clothes
2) The clothes SUCK.

But still I think the shoes it self outweight that I just hope the shop that's suppose to get the account does so I could stop yapping like a fool.
I agree 100%. I'm trading my NDS Diamond SB's for a pair. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
Im sure there is a logical explination. If there was lots of money to be made,then shops would have L'Style accoutns and Nike would be pushing for more stores to open them. maybe since the l'style clothes dont sell cause they are ugly and overpriced,stores dont wanna carry it because as much money as they would make off the shoes, the clothes not selling would bring ther profit margin back down. i dunno, but lal i know is that there must be some logical reason.
And by the way, is there any chance that this could turn out like the Altitudes? I remember they were only supposed to come out in the States or whatever, then I walk into FL one day and they're sitting on the shelves.
ok ok lets dead this convo once and for all with a simple solution...leave it to the Troopers to be forward thinking!?!

so we all know stores have to carry the clothing in order to have an L-Style account AND the clothing is suspect so it'll be hard to sell the gear but the LS kicks will fly off the shelves...my solution is this...

take a store like SVP for example...they're part of Da Zone I believe so as a chain they can spread the clothing out between thier stores, that way instead of having to sell 20 ugly hoodies in one store (which will be difficult) they can chop 4 hoodies in 5 stores!?! keep all the kicks at Da Zone and BAM! LS J's in Canada!!

another part of the problem is J's dont sell out in Canada, that's why we're not considered as a strong market for JB...well the only reason they dont sell as fast here is because of price!?! simple supply and demand laws show that if you at least lower the retail to the level of the US (Militaries for $150 CDN = $125 US) unit sales will go up! I for one copped 2 pairs of Militaries and spent about $400 total cuz I got 1 pair earlu from GDFT for $220 CDN...would I have dropped $300 on release day? Hellz Yeah! of course I'm beating a dead horse here asking for lower retail but it'll work I tell ya it'll work!

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u must be drunk or high right now

the reason why units dont move up north, and factor in the bad buying decisions at nike canada

Canadian retailer discount = 10%- 20%off not including f&f or bogo
US retailer discount = 25- 70% off

either retailers or nike are too cheap to mark down $300 jordans that have been on the sitting on shelves for 3 months. wow save $20 AND an additional 10-15% if you're a student w/ spc = $280 no thanks

i'd rather make the trip to the US, get some cheap gear, get a pair of j's, eat some buffalo wings for about the same cost

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Lets end all the speculation...

Canada IS infact a big market for Jordan/Nike.. Do we not recall when FTL/CHA (Nikes #1 purchaser worldwide) lost their Jordans around '03 in the USA ONLY?! Canada still had theirs.. Why? Because they sold.. at regular price or even slightly discounted..

It was the USA that was releasing stuff early and selling at bigger discounts.. So they lost their account temporarily..

To say that shoes dont sell in Canada is kinda crazy.. You really have to play the percentages, not "I see X-Amount of this shoe on the shelves still, so that means they arent selling" etc. In terms of selling % of Jordans that we receive in Canada, its probably waaaay better compared to what they sell/receive in the States..

Sure, some GR jordans might sit around for a bit for a couple reasons... Many are quick to argue because of the sloppy exchange rate on Canadian Nike prices.. But to be honest.. Shoes sit around in the States too!! Even more so than in Canada! They hit NUMEROUS Nike outlets across the country, shelves stay stocked with them etc.

Just a quick list of GR Jordans that sold well recently..

-Jordan VII wht/grey/purp
-Jordan IV Mars
-Jordan IV Military
-Jordan IV Black cat
-Jordan IV Pure
-Jordan VII Citrus

Thats all within the last few months.. $180+ on all of them.. No mass amounts hitting outlets.. No sitting on the shelves for months.. No huge discounts to get some sales..

LovetheXXIII: Educate yourself on shoes, politics and culture before you post next time.

Q is right.. JB is doing Canada dirty and people who know whats up realize this..

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I think Nike Canada needs to be looked at. I have had several orders "lost" because of representatives not doing their job correctly.
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I pay a little more for L'style imports.... but I also like rockin' a pair that you know is hard to get, I mean isn't it better to roc some J's that no one has, or would you rather have the same pair everyone else has.... I don't think so
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