LC/PC on Jordan vi Carmine

Joined Jun 26, 2010
Need LC/PC on the looked kinda suspicious to me, did it ever get retroed besides the CDP pack? thanks NT!

Joined Jan 19, 2009
Fake bro. I just saw these on ebay as well do not bid on them.
-Shape is way off
-Toebox looks squared shape
-Wrong box, The only time they were retroed was in the CDP pack and they DID NOT come with a retro card
Joined Jan 11, 2010
poor stitching
never came with retro cards
most fakes have those dark circled imperfection on the bottom clear sole
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Woah the gel sole isn't blue tinted, fakes are getting more convincing :/ (Still pretty bad but they're fixing subtle things)
Joined Jun 26, 2010
thanks everyone above! yeah, i agree, fakes are getting there....gotta be careful
Joined Jun 1, 2000
LC = Fakes! 
   PC = $0.00

1) The proportions of each area on the side panels are wrong. (Too much spacing towards the front)
2) Never came with retro card
3) Wrong box
4) Jumpman on the left shoe's rear is not centered and skewed too far towards the right, not matching the right pair.
5) Tongue looks to be of cheap quality rubber
6) Toebox shape is odd
7) Inner side panel is too far back compared towards outer side panel. (should be back but minimal)
8 ) Stitching on red mesh tongue cover is completely wrong.
9) Stiching on black rubber tongue around finger box holes is messy.
10) Rear plastic spoilers are too long.
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