Looking back at the Countdown Pack shoes that most people didn't really pay attention to...

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Out of all the less-loved or overlooked CDP Air Jordan sneakers (I, II, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII), which one do you like the most?

Most of us can agree that these pairs aren't the better-looking ones, but it's also about comfort and performance.

For me, it's the AJ 19...they're one of the most comfortable shoes I've worn.

Let's hear a few more opinions.
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I wouldn't even consider the II one of the least popular, it is a clean OG colorway that had yet to be retroed as a mid/high top. The designs of the XV, XXI and XX2 dot not allow them to be anything special, but I think the color blocking chosen for those models was sold and I like them. The XX was one of the most uninspired shoes JB has ever produced. First, the go with the regional style of the XX which were nowhere near as good as the regular style. Then the proceed to make an all black pair of shoes that were not a "Bulls" colorway as were every other pair from the CDPs (I guess the XVII would also fall into this boat, however they were an OG colorway, albeit with altered materials and they were from the Wizards days. The XIX could have been better IMO if they had done a retro+ bulls colorway. A black upper with red patent leather might have turned out alright, or perhaps a colorway opposite of the west regionals would have been nice. While I love the XIV model, I will admit that the colorway chosen was a cop out, and could have been much better if the color blocking was different.
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I got rid of the 22's, 15's, 20's, 19's, 10's, 13's, 17's, i might still have the 21's and i copped a pair of 12's on a split and sold my carmines. I had no real love for any of the ones I sold except the 13 and 6 but I needed the bread so whatevs
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The 1's are hot. I think a lot of people forget they're an OG colorway too. I love the simplicity of them. Throw on some black laces and they kill.

2's are dope but man did the quality leave a lot to be desired. Joints just feel cheap (IMO), moreso than any other CDP shoe. Still great looking though.

CDP 14's seemed to get a lot of hate. I think the pinstripe concept is dope, execution coulda been a little better, but they're sleepers.

The 17's are really, really nice.

20's deserve all the hate they get.

22's were clean.

The others, meh.
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Have to agree that the 19's are one of the most comfortable shoes, but no low-cut socks tho.
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Originally Posted by Weatherman

The Shadow 10's were fire... I don't think many will argue that one

This. They are fire. Love that shoe.OP, I like 1,2,17,18 and 21 the most out of the ones listed. I did not like the 22's at all (well, 22's are my most hated numbered Jordan).
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Originally Posted by garylok11

Have to agree that the 19's are one of the most comfortable shoes, but no low-cut socks tho.

The 19 lows are the most comfortable in my opinion. I have the black/red lows and they feel more comfortable than any Jordan I worn.
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yeah the 2's were really cheap quality. that leather.... that foam cushioning....

still got my xiv, which i have modified a little. they are also nothing like the og's in quality. not very happy with the xvii's, they hurt my feet. xx1's are nice.

although i don't have them, the xx2 are clean. i don't mind the black cat xx. and those xix look perfect.

can't say i like them xv. i liked xv's normally, got the black/red but i just don't like the lasers and cdps.
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They need to bring the XVI's back and do them right. The CDP did them no justice smh
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The reasons I listed those specific models were because people weren't really "feeling" them and the "hype" was very little during their release, hence why all of them could be found at around $100 or less shortly after their releases.
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really liked the 2's. the colorway was clean and a great summer shoe. wish i could get my hands on the 19's. I remember when ppl were selling em for low prices.
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