Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. * S7 Premieres May27

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They just like to not pay actors I guess.

Unlike with the time travel and sleeping in a pod time loop there's no reason to have him away from the group now other than something they made up when both Fitz and Simmons got sent in to the past ahead of the rest.
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This ep is really good so far.

Oh damn this revelation is horrible :smh: Mack
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This episode is so 80s :lol:

From the blood to the robots. The damn references.

Looking at how different young Mack's life is its clear the agents and chronicoms have created an entirely new timeline or multiple ones every time they time traveled to a new time period.


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Caught up the last two episodes.

Episodes 6 with Mack and his parents hit right in the feels.

Episode 7 with that cheesy 80s acting and violence provide some much needed levity. :lol:

Mack and Deke with the Predator handshake. :lol:

Really enjoying the season so far. Where da homie Fitz at though?
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