My Gas Station Incident

Jun 26, 2005
lo siento for the profanity

a couple weeks back i go to the gas station to pick up some sweets. while i was walking back to the car i noticed one of the gas station worker/ownersliterally followed me outside. I told my friend who was already in the car that the middle eastern dude probably thinks i was going to jack him or somethingjust because im black with dreads so as i pulled out, keep in mind that hes still lurkin, i flicked him off while i was slowly drove by him

fast forward to last night, i go to the same gas station and his son/cousin/friend was madd emotional for me "flippin the bird" to the other dude. ikept tellin the the cashier that he was trippen and that i had no idea what he was talking about....heres how the conversation went after a couple minutes ofhim talkin about the finger
(Keep in mind that at least 5 people are in the store, all of them crackin up)

him- im not selling get the hell out
me- mann fu you (start heading out)
him- fu you too bi; ill shoot you (reaches under his desk)
me- (stepped forward) w.t.f did your terrorist a$s just threaten me
him- Ill call the cops (calls cops)
me- what the hell are you going to call them for
him- "mumbles some !*!+"
me- call the f'n police you lucky i dont like them or i would call them on your bit %*% for threatening me

i tried opening the door but it was locked

(im guessing thats what he reached under his desk for)

him- your not getting out
me- ok i really dont care everyone in here heard you threaten to shoot me you stupid %*% indian (smh for pulling the race card )

a couple customers were outside so he unlocked the door and i hopped out asap, i wanted to stay (to see whatwould happen) but i had herb in the car and i wasnt trying to miss the nuggets game. literally 30 secs after leaving i see a cop burning rubberto get to the gas station

I saw him writing down my homies license plate, but its all good since we finish the semester this week and im going back to houston for the summer (he isleaving today)

this isnt ducktales; please believe im not the type of dude to make up stories. im not even the type to to get aggressive.

if anyone goes to utsa its the shell on utsa blvd. dude is madd racist always talking like randy jackson when black people are there

alright so basically the reason i posted this is to ask [color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]what[/color] yall think would have happened if i would havestayed??

Ive already said this a dozen times in this thread but for those who are to lazy to scroll down
[color= rgb(255, 0, 0)]I was out of line for calling him a terrorist[/color]
Sep 16, 2003
I skimmed. Gas station clerks loveee gettin outta of pocket I cant stand some of them @+*% $#***%.
May 2, 2008
not !!%+..if anything he might be in trouble....u was good till you left ...they might considering it evading the police idk watch them arabs some cool ,otherscrazy bro
Mar 11, 2008
Originally Posted by CarolCitysFinest

not !!%+..if anything he might be in trouble....u was good till you left ...they might considering it evading the police idk watch them arabs some cool ,others crazy bro

what if i said that about your race?

AL Andretti

formerly mrbluprint
Sep 9, 2008
alright so basically the reason i posted this is to ask what yall think would have happened if i would have stayed??


But you also said you had weed in the car so good thing you got outa there , just in case the cop was an %!$+*%+.
Feb 22, 2008
Once the cops came and sorted stuff out, if you had a witness to the threat and you wanted to press charges dude could get cuffed. Threatening to shoot someoneis not something police take lightly. You would just deny the whole bird thing and say they got you confused w/ someone else or even if you didn't deny itnothing could happen to you, they were profiling (a term police know well).

If you wanted to mess with dude you could tell the officer that when he threatened you, you were scared about your well-being, and I think he would have toarrest dude, but I don't know for sure. Personally I would just keep it moving, karma will catch up to those dudes.
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