My Humble Collection

Sep 7, 2006
what up fellas used to really be into the game till I was 20 then moved out west from boston, and just got back into it so heres wat i got

pics not working for me.
Team Logic
A flaw in the logic? As long as it's nobody that's in my clique...​
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3 nails + 1 Cross = 4 Given. *Born again*
Mr.Doug - You will be forever missed and in my heart.​
sorry bout that guys here are the pics (mods if you could please remove the first post and leave this up Id appreciate it)

nice collection except the spiz'yikes
I don't want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be
Kobe Bryant-KOBE
nice collection,
your blue IV actually look good on your pics, and your grapes
not feeling the spizikes...matter of personal taste i guess
"Ladies and gentlemen, I don't think any of our contestants this evening have succeeded in encapsulating the intricacies of Proust's masterwork, so I'm going to award the first prize this evening to the girl with the biggest ****."
Monty Python​
Nice collection.
WANTED: Size 11-13 any condition!PM Me!
[] Red Supreme Blazer
[] Blk/neon Air Total Max Uptempo
[] Nike Foamposite pro Voltage
very nice collection and variety. ^i'm sure those 4's are mars.
Team Negrodamus​
nice collection
buying black and gray trivium hoody with the mouth cover. size large only
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