NEVER do any business with the jersey store at markville mal

Oct 3, 2001
as title. mods move or delete if felt it doesn't belong.

story as follow.
i took two basketball jersey to this place for cresting. i was redirected to their main store front's store manager at vaughnmills and he kept saying he need time to know the pricing quote of do-ability. told me to call after ONE week. I called after 10 days in case. and this is exactly what he said.
"DON"T call me. i'll call you when i know, you WAIT."

and when i went to the store i originally when to in markville mall myself to talk to another manager, he nicely took the order and said everything was going to be done fine. i included the sample or the font of the lettering and exact picture with the stuff.

3 weeks later, jersey back. with huge hockey jersey size font.
their answer is that's teh best they could do. they feel the font match VERY close. and refuse to either refund, or re-do it.
when i ask for the sample and picture i included when i hand them the jerseys. he said they lost it. I asked why would they even stitch it up when they know it's not the right font. he has no answer for that, refuse to talk futher. now i am out with 2 jersey ruinned plus the price on the stitch job. all he kept saying are neither that's what it is.we think it looks good. and yah, on top of that, he added don't come to our store anymore. :smh:

very bad business manner.

ok, i am done venting.

side note,
thanks for benard for the smooth transaction today. :pimp:

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
I've been to the jersey store in Vaughan Mills too. Dudes working there got some attitudes for sure.
From the city of T.O​
take pics tomorrow,
the worse part was all they needed to do was just the name.
not name and number, just the name, and still managed to screw up. or more likey screw up purposely. :smh:

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
wow thanks for the heads up, they sound like real a-holes
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thanks for the lookout terry

i've been looking for a place to get some blank raptors jerseys done too. i guess i won't be taking it there!

hope you can find a place who can cut the stitching and re-do your jersey the proper way! in the meantime.. niketalk summit everyone...the jersey store at markville mall...bring a carton of eggs.
^ i know, the place that used to do the stuff right for me went out of business during the trip i had last year during my milkcarton era :\
and i was lazy to go too far from my house to find another place.

no man, don't think i could take the stitching out again or wanto do do that on those two jerseys coz that would be too much wear and tear on them,
worse part is one of them the letter actually overlaped with the seelves' eleastic part :x

took a quick snap at one of them the harper is what they did. with the NAME ONLY. compare to a actual jordan one side by size, look at the size of that font. :\

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
^^ sorry to hear... I hate that place too... all they have is white/sox Jordan jersey's.... if I were you I would take this to the better business bureau.... on a side note I saw some loser wearing fake IV's today in Markville, black and orange :smh:

Go Raptors Go
yeah looks like they used some detroit redwings lettering or some @#%$ like that
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yo Terry can you explain what exactly they stitched for you? so is the Jordan original and they did the Harper?
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The last time I went to the one at Markville, I saw the guy working there taking off letters on a Jalen Rose authentic TO jersey (that was a few days after Jalen got traded). Now I am no jersey expert, but is this not a shady thing to do? Can you not stitch some other person's name on and sell it again?

The one at Vaughan Mills never has anything new and I wonder how the manage to stay in business.
That is too bad, and the jersey now looks totally fake like most on ebay, complain again man.
*NIKE authentics make m better than most*
yah, the jordan's a original, and i had them put harper on a blank. and they manage to ignore the size and font i told them to use. and say it's is how it suppose to be. threw away the sample font and picture i included when i gave them the jersey and claim it looks fine. :smh:
but the font's so huge. as you could see on the comparison on the picture i took. it's like the original using size 12 font on micosoft words and they put a size 18 on the harper

for the guy as if its ok to do that. well for retail store that doesn't tell anyone about it,should be a no no,
but in the jersey hobby, basically every does it. and this time i got lazy and got owned. :\

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
Damn, sorry to read about your experience Terry. Never shoppes at those jersey stores and now I never will. Wish I could give you the info on my old jersey guy, but lost contact with him.
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Terry, let's go and burn the store down...

When you showed me the jersey I knew the Harper and the Iggy were already bad but the Harper side by side with a Jordan... :smh:

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