NFL Week 4 In Review....


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Post your observations from Week 4...

-That loss is only on Tony Romo. No other players or coaches. You just can't make throws like that. The only good thing is our only competition in the NFC East lost yesterday as well.

-Buffalo is Buffalo. Beating the Patriots won't change that.

-What the hell was Ronnie Brown doing when he decided to throw the ball as he's falling to the ground? LOL. That Eagles defense is one of the highest paid and one of the worst in the league.

-The Steelers are old. Their time has come and gone.

-Hopefully Andre gets back out there quickly.

-Oakland isn't ready to the big leagues yet.

-Sanchez needs to be benched. The Jets won't even make the playoffs.

-Has anybody looked at the Packers schedule? Cupcake city...

-The amount of bad teams in the league is making certain teams look better than what they really are.

Quotes Of The Week...
"The Eagles basically just beat themselves every game. We REALISTICALLY could be 4-0 right now."-Eagles fan who has somehow secured himself some of the best drugs on the market.
"I'm watching the Ravens vs Jets game and it gets me so upset, b/c I know if our defense just played to its potential we could be that good, or even better."-Eagles fan who was also at the drug pick-up.
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LOL cowboys - always an excessively hyped up, but eternally subpar team

giants got lucky, but the drive to score twice near the end of the game was all their effort

pittsburgh is sucking more and more - someone's gonna get fired

packers best team in the nfl

saints are the real sleepers they're winning, but getting little praise/press for their victories

lions are gonna be fun to watch this thansgiving for once

who really cares about anyone else
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Romo continues to help and hurt the cowboys...but 12 men and they still couldn't stop Megatron

Steelers got dogged...Texans should have won by more

Aaron Rodgers firing on all cylinders...6 TDs

Falcons wanted to lose that game...should be thankful it was a 61 yd FG attempt

Vick has a career day and the Eagles still lose...that defense is garbage in the middle

Ravens and Jets Defense made 2 young QBs look bad...Joe has got to get better with his decision making...but our defense dominated just in time for the bye week
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--Always good to see the NFL represent for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We most likely know somebody or have someone in our family that has been affected by it.

--The 49ers perserved againt a good Eagles offense, and came out with the victory.  Now we sit at the top of the NFC West.

--I'm not sure what the stats say but the Ravens defense is the best in the league.

--Will the Mediocre Vikings even win 1 game this year??

--Come on Buffalo, you can't lose to a team and an organization that's as bad as the Bengals and expect to be taken seriously.  That should have been an easy win.

--I expect ESPN to run the "Tim Tebow should be starting campaign" all this week.

--Green Bay Packers................smooth and efficient.

--I felt bad for Terrance Newman on that 4th and goal play late in the game, everyone in the stadium knew that ball was going to Calvin Johhnson and there wasn't a dam thing he could do about it, dude just got out manned.
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Lord Mega
green bay is scary

hopefully the colts can pull one out 2nite
thats all i got 4 now
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- Eli Manning, make that 17 fourth quarter comebacks and counting, leading this depleted team to a nice quick start (needed since the 2nd half schedule is brutal), playing the best quarterback out of everyone in the division thus far.

- Giants defense against the run looks soft without Tuck out there, they kept attacking Osi's side

- Eagles fans need to stop putting all the blame on the coaches, you knew the "dream team" label would bite them in the +$$ and it will all fall on Vick in the end. Vick and McNabb have never been good rezone quarterbacks in their careers, its not all on Reid.

- Romo is pathetic, and his supporters are even more pathetic.

- Oh, lol. Eagles and Boys losing the way they did embarrassingly, Giants with the comeback, great Sunday

- Trap game for the Bills, they surprisingly still almost won, competed that game.....they look real to me.

- Jets = no offensive line, no pass rush, too much pressure on the corners to shut down all the time, a QB with a low IQ, can't stop the are they a playoff team at this point. So far they look like a team regressing as I said they would be (two straight AFC championship games is hard to top).

- Lions are for real, get over it.

- Green Bay is the best team in football, and they keep getting better and better. Their defense does give up big plays but they easily make up for any mishaps on offense, same way the Saints won their championship.

- Tim Tebow watch in 3...2...1....

- Dolphins cost people some $$$ yesterday
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Somebody on the Bears offense is gonna get faded by Jay Cutler in the next 2 weeks.
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And the first quote of the year candidate goes to...
Originally Posted by msaba07

Roby Ryan is either going to look like a total doucher or a complete beast ... I agree with him though, on the low ... ... ... Dez @ 100% >>>>>>> CJ ... Miles @ 100% >>>>>>>> CJ ...
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  • Steelers O-Line is a lot worse than I thought it would be.
  • Why do teams (including my Steelers) not spend time building good offensive lines? 1/2 to maybe 3/4 of the league seems to be having protection problems.
  • No one is talking about how well Eli Manning is playing.
  • Cam Newton is the real deal (coming from a hater, eating words now).
  • Mike Munchak is doing a great job with the Titans, his strength has been putting together strong game plans & adjusting here & there which is a lost art.
  • Wes Welker has 40 catches this year, 40 catches!!!
  • Aaron Rodgers & Jermichael Finely are playing out of thier minds.
  • Charles Woodson will be 35 this year & his game hasn't dropped off yet.
  • Do you think Chris Carter's comments serves as motivation for Megatron?
  • Glad Andre Johnson injury doesn't appear serious.
  • I guess it's because of there being no off season but everyone & thier mother is having a hammy issues.
  • Cincy was never as bad as people thought they were. They got a decent group of young WRs & a solid 2nd year TE. Dalton might be pretty good once he learns that offense. Marvin Lewis is a decent coach & always making lemonade with the lemons Brown constantly gives him.
  • Too many people on NT making bold predictions regarding teams (good or bad). Relax, it's only 4 games into the season. We won't get a good picture of the teams that are really in contention until week 8 or so.
*someone up there made a comment that someone on The Steelers was going to get fired. The Steelers have had 3 coaches in the last 42 years (let that sink in for a sec). The Rooneys don't make knee jerk reactions like the rest of the sports world. Look up the word pragmatic & consistency & you should see a photo of the Rooney's next to it (JK but seriously). This season might be a loss but we won't be out of it for long. Getting to 3 superbowls within 5-6 years & winning 2 isn't bad at all.
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1 more win and my Skins will reach my preseason prediction for them

Congrats to Devin Hester, the best to ever do it back there 

CJ confirmed that he's the best in the game

Mark Sanchez is awful, almost as bad as Grossman

Maybe Shannahan was right about Mcnabb....
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I have FINALLY came to the realization that Sanchez really isn't a good QB at all. If they had a legit franchise QB, their offense would be so much better.

BUT, he's still young though...idk man lol
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- Hass continues to show what he can do when he has a good o-line

- Nice to see D-Will and Cook step up and come thru with plays
- CJ will run 100+ yards next week (screen cap this)
- defense was

- bring on the Steelers
@ cats saying we will not catch up with the Texans in the division. Well, guess what fool, we tied up


- Megatron laughs @ your double coverage
- Lions came back with an impressive win
- Rodgers is just

- Cards got screwed on that call, Giants shouldve never wont that game
- Ravens/Jets is the worst game i've seen so far this season. sloppy play on both offenses.
- Cam continues to impress, even though they are not winning games. he has a bright future.
- I wouldnt call the Bills frauds just yet
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-There is obviously a 3-way tie for the best WR CURRENTLY in the NFL...just saying that so feelings don't get hurt. It's not like Calvin Johnson isn't the best WR by a wide margin or anything...

-Sam Bradford needs help...A LOT of help. Justin Blackmon/Michael Floyd/Sanu should start looking at real estate in the St. Louis area

-Ronnie Brown w. the worst play in the history of football.

-Yes, Matt Cassel called Todd Haley a !*$#%

-Don't know what the hell Richard Seymour was all

@ the Bears actually running the ball

-Kyle Shanahan is an idiot

-McNabb is washed.
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- Buffalo ...

- My man ELI ... 350+ yds, 0 int ... playing like the top 10 qb he is ... that giants game ending was wild though ... cruz what were u thinking!!
- Foster made the steelers look dead out there out that burst to the outside ... tomlin look tight
- Aaron rodgers is a monster ... he is only gonna get better ... 71 pts in fantasy for me ftw !!
- went to yahoo's home page and it's said MEGATRON IS COMING ... 60 min later ... 2 tds ... they need to put him on those citizen commercials instead of eli
- damn Forte went in ... Mike Martz ... is he gonna realize that balance is better?
- Matt Hasselbeck ... looking good out there ...
- That Vincent Jackson catch was

- watching andre johnson go down like that

- The Vikings are doodoo ... AP i'm glad u got paid but i wish it were on a contender
- Dez Bryant put in work on those TD catches

No tweet of the week ... every other message i saw was about Ciara's toes hanging onto something

Bum(s) of the week

- Eagles ... dudes still can't/won't tackle but Ronnie brown ... one of the dumbest things i've ever seen an athlete do
- Mark Sanchise ... i know u don't have a line but still ... make some reads out there ... regression is a terrible thing
- Tony Oh No! ... 2 pick 6's in 6 minutes ... that's low even for you ... once again
@ anyone telling me this guy is better than eli

DEAD at week 2 WIR titanic pic making it into week 3 ... you gotta add the street fighter too though
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Cam ( Super.Star)

Arian (LOL ppl talkin bout Ben Tate was gonna keep Arian from his $ ... Arian is the best cutback runner in the GAME PERIOD)

Forte (think Lovie may have put a leash on Martz)

Megatron (on his way to being amongst the GOATs)

BMarshall (WAYYYY too many drops. Get off the meds mann)

Again I ask, how on earth do you sign Reggie Bush and then don't use him on special teams returns.

APB out on Michael Crabtree. (

Ronnie Brown should be cut
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I feel sorry for the new jets center ,He was thrown to the wolves Foreal ..

Sanchez was shook ..early

our Defense is balling esp with a depleted secondary

Had Flacco not overthrown Torrey Smith ..Smh

Haloti Ngata is a Savage

Ray Lew is still a beast

Ed "Black Moses" Reed is The GOD DB ...

All Hail Lord Megatron ... Dude is incredible

Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league

Steelers are washed .. terrible call on jj watts ..pouncey pushed him into Ben
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Sup shoes?
"The Texans will be 2-2 after Week 4"

-Good to have Arian Foster back
-Nice to see the defense step up and close a game out
-Andre will have an MRI and hopefully he's only out for a weeks
-Stupid penalties took two td's off the board

,  Tony Romo has to have the ball taken out of his hands. Run the ball
-Packers are obviously still the best team, Aaron Rodgers

-Tom Brady and that offense is going to have to carry that team.
-Megatron and the Lions

-I'm not sure about what the rule say but didn't Victor Cruz essentially give himself up? I mean he went down and didn't try advancing the ball after that
-Props to Eli regardless of the call
-Steelers O-Line is awful, Big Ben is going to keep getting killed out there
-Buffalo with the let down after a big win
-AP's prime is being wasted. 
-What the hell is going on in Philly?
-The Jets don't look as good as in previous years
- These prime-time games have been awful for the most part. Bucs v. Colts tonight?
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Texans arent frauds, "Americas team" are frauds, your QB and coach are terrible, the cowboys are a joke

Clyde Frog

formerly jay02
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Packers have won their past 10 games, things just keep on clicking.
Rodgers...I cant say enough about how much I appreciate this dude
Jennings gets his typical 100 yards and a touchdown. Keep hating.
When will Chuck stop making plays.
Donald Driver. This man gets carted off with a knee injury that he could put no weight on whatsoever. His 38 year old $$* comes back at half and scores a touchdown to cap off the day

How many times have teams been fooled with McCarthy kicking an onside kick out of no where. It works to perfection every single time.


Megatron..stop it, you stop it right now
I know im supposed to be rooting against the Lions but somehow I cant. Stafford and Calvin are awesome.

The NFC East is a joke.

Has anybody looked at the Packers schedule? Cupcake city...
Meh...We gotta play the NFC North twice a year, the best division in the NFC thus far. And the NFC South, the second best division in the NFC if not first. The Raiders and the Chargers arent going to be a cakewalk either. We have already beaten the Saints (2009 SB Champs) and the Bears (North Winners and made it to NFC Champ) with ease. Your confusing our schedule being cupcake city, with us making it look like cupcake city. Cowboys gotta play the NFC West, if you wanna trade that for the NFC South be my guest
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