Joined Aug 12, 2012
This is funny. I’ve gotten into internet finger battles myself with people on here because I double/single copped and they struck out. I don’t try to flex because i know it can be taken away in a second or i miss on another pair that I want even more.

it’s always comedy to me when people take typing personal 😂
Joined Aug 12, 2016
I thought that was a twitter thing?
It was a Twitter thing.
Ah. Well, I just remember seeing it on here, it must've been reposted from Twitter, then. Either way, it's gotta be the funniest thing I've ever seen posted on NT, even if it didn't actually happen on NT. But technically speaking, I guess The Vick Jersey moves back up a spot . As stupid as it was, and it eventually got worn out, it still makes me laugh even now when I think about it :lol:
Joined Jan 21, 2014
Ended up copping my 7.5 off kickscrew for $335 shipped. More than I thought I would pay for a 7.5, but cheaper than buying off of GOAT or StockX after all the taxes, fees, shipping charges...
you paid 335 total after taxes? what was the list price because i'm seeing 370 on KC for a 7.5. i'm sure its changed since you copped also. just curious.
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