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I thought it was interesting the cushion in the 11s was last used in the 4-5s.. 11s are still one of my favorite designs but the comfort/fit was just not there.

Looks like it’s roughly a 2 year cycle for cushion. Next year Lebron 17S.. iPhone S series
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I thought the shoes were a grey colorway. The “ just dropped “ pic looks different because then you scroll down on those other pics on the app and it’s white? Also looks like a GS model. Lol.
Exactly! They look white. I like gray and orange so these were a possibility for me. Then I saw the new images and thought, ummm, no that's white, not grey. Looks like the 9/27 drop doesn't include the Remove Before Launch tag.

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Man I am IN.
No changing my mind these are DOPE

We all like what we like not mad at those who do not like em. FIRE to me I am copping Oreos or Lakers.
I'm definitely in till the man retires.

I still remember trying the 4s in high school and saying to my mom nah, I'm good. And they were on the clearance racks. Never picked up a LeBron sig since the 15.
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Man the official snkrs pics of the grey and orange make them look incredible. Any pics I’ve see I haven’t cared for the shoe too much
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if you look at the pics closely, the only stitched parts of the shroud are at the toe-box and top of the tongue and you can see in some angles the ability to remove the laces. If I can re-lace them over the shroud I wouldn’t mind having that iridescent finish under the laces. Definitely looks possible just need to see what they turnout looking like...
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