Nike LeBron 18 *First Look*

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Need to see more pictures and color ways . But if it’s along the lines of what we have already seen performance may be the only saving grace of this shoe.

Basically function over fashion if the visuals don’t look any better than what we have already seen.

See a September release date. Wonder if Bron is going to wear these going forward for the rest of the season? If he does I wonder if it will be the usual wear the new model, then go to the last model or a retro when he comes out the game or halftime.
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these probably won't drop until the end of the month. There's still some white 17 lows and the what the 17s that need to drop first.


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I can't get over how the front and back of this shoe look like a puzzle. That kills it for me. There's other things too but I don't want to bash it. I almost posted the wonder twins gif off the puzzle look alone so Imma chill but IDK about these lol.

Havent copped a LBJ since the X's and 17's which I only bought off of the Graffiti nostalgia.
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Those James Gang got too much going on.

I think it would look better if it was more predominantly black with that print.
I go the other way, ditch the black and go with white or even that light blue that is on the outsole and it wouldn't look so off
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The more I look at them, the worse they get.
I'm the opposite. I looked at that one series of pictures up close and aside from the angled toebox, I can see people buying that colorway. It's boxy and the sole is hideous but a lot of people go for these crazy colorways now, to stand out.

I'm looking forward to the release date for the forbidden city ones. I'm glad they did something different. The less people like them the better chance I have :lol:
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