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Sneaker blogs keep pumping up the 12k limited run. Feeling beasts/resellers will jump on this just to cop :smh: Although i have seen some slander.

One dude on a post said they made 11,999 too many :lol:

I feel these will lowkey have the KD4 hype.
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Don't think these will sell out instantly. I mean, after a couple hours you'll have odd sizes here and there but if you there at opening or when it drops online you should be good. Probably gonna be similar to the Kyrie 1 Dream release.
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To those who have tried these on I like my ball shoes to be very snug. I wear 10.5 in the KD9s, am I good going the same size or .5 up?
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No one has tried on really... I am going with TTS for Nike/Jordan basketball (not Adidas). I wear TTS Kobe X1 and Jordan 29-31. I size half down for adidas basketball.
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I hope this first colorway isn't difficult to get..lets just hope Nike stays with the PG model going forward..George is one of my favorite players in the league right now..
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I picked up a pair this morning, I went TTS 13, they are definitely snug around the forefoot but feel like they will break in. Length not an issue, I would only go up half a size if you are a real wide footer. Damn they are nice in the flesh, feels like they will have a nice mix between court feel and cushion. View media item 2346198
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decided i'll be working OT tomorrow so no nike in store for me. snkrs or bust.
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These keep growing on me. 2K and shining pairs are [emoji]128293[/emoji][emoji]128293[/emoji][emoji]128293[/emoji]

I'd be in for a pair if I didn't hit the outlets hard the past 2 days. Came up on TF hoodie, pants and Martian 7s for 140 total. PG money goneee
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I work at a Foot Locker/HOH in Ohio. They're definitely limited since we only got 12 pairs in mens and we're one of three stores in the state to get them. My store tends to be slower so I wouldn't count on them selling out right out of the gates as far as in-store sales go. I've tried them on, the strap doesn't actually do much as far as tightening the shoe to your foot goes and the toe box is definitely a squeeze. The suede on the upper wrinkles easily. For whatever reason the mens sizes are QS (meaning no discount, including employee) but as far as my knowledge goes G.S. sizes are good for discount.
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Anyone else feel like these will be like Zoom Generations 5 years from now? I can't help but think they'll be worth something someday and I haven't decided if I should cop or not. I'm not a huge fan but can't help to think of it as a potential investment... 
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