Nike Zoom Lebron 3 Retro

Joined Mar 30, 2016
Got my refund from kix square but u might have to hit them up bc they Still think they might get them, so maybe a US release date is coming soon
Joined Sep 25, 2005
Kind of glad I didn’t go the kisquare route on the Oilers, sounds like a mess
They really suck! I ordered the Superman 3 from them , and they would respond, but never followed up at ALLL! Will never do business with them again! They weren't even professional enough to refund my money. Had to file a claim through Paypal.
Joined Jul 1, 2008
First experience I had with them was bad, but the second I got my shoes no problem.
Either way, I try to avoid them like the plague.
Joined Dec 12, 1999
Got my Oilers in the mail. All excited because I’m from Htown and still live and work here. Underwhelming. Selling em
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