No love for Hurricane Chris?

Oct 3, 2007
Whats good NT?

Yall ain't got no love for the south?
"Show no love, love will get you killed"
love for him to quit

Team Otaku
"Its painful how sexy I look in this."
For hurricane chris? About as much love as a person has for getting a running chain saw jammed up his ( Y )

But for the south? Of Course
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The south? Jeezy, Luda, T.I.(P.), Kast etc., hell yeah...

Ringtone rap? No. Lol....

Na but seriously...No. Hellph*ckinno...
Yes for the south. Luda, Tip, Chamillionaire, Outkast, and some more. but hurricane chris SUCKS
No front son aint
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Chris? Wow! He soooo lyrical. Def will be a top5 rapper after 3 albums. Soo many quotables, yet so young and fresh. Def someone to keep ur eye out for. I too like to take off my shoes in the club so I feel where he comin from.
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"Aye Bay Bay" was garbage lyrically, but that's just one song. Hurricane ain't total trash though, listen to Player's Rock on his myspace, it def. should be his next single.
No front son aint as bad as you would think
I heard this ... I can't make myself listen to the album eventhough I've been wanting to just to say I at least tried to give him a fair s h o t... (edit can't believe that was edited)

I know he has to have something tho b/c all them B.R. _'s go hard ... so I know he prolly gets it gutta on the cd & on his mixtapes.
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He says some of the dumbest @#%$

"I'm clappin my hand like I'm tryin to kill a bug"

"It's so hot in the club that I ain't got no shoes on"

I don't need to go any further
Ain't nothing wrong with Hurricane Chris. Not every rapper is going to be the next Scarface, T.I. or Jay-Z. (I am not saying those 3 rappers are on the same level but u know what i mean) Not every rapper is going to be a lyrical genius. Not every rapper is going to make classic albums or songs. He makes good music. Y'all are so quick to hate on the next man. If you don't like their music ok, but don't judge a rappers career by a couple stupid verses.

[BORAT] Jeezy is NOT ringtone rap. [BORAT] sorry had 2 add that.
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hurricane chris? :rofl:
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Lol...fine, point taken...he does have his off bars/verse filler...but you can't put him in the same category with soulja boy/hurricane chris/boosie/lil or young whoeva comes out wit a snapnpop song tomorrow...jeezy will be relevant for longer than any of those clowns...but true, he aint a lyrical, sir, have dueled well...
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