"November Rain" SB release date?

There probably isn't a set release date for these. Figure anytime in the next 3 weeks.
Yeah I am also interested in these. I also believe there won't be a release date. For the most part SB's don't have set release dates.
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I believe the release date is the 6th. At least that's when CCS is shipping them. You can pre order them there now.
Somebody throw a detail pic up on here!
I'd like to see a better pic than the NikeSB.com site pic.

(and I need it to post a bulletin :D

...it's all just hear-say anyway.
they had alot of potential imo nike dropped the ball

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Saw them in person at my local shop a couple of weeks back(on display). These are an easy pass.
btw, about these being on CCS,
who managed to place an order on the $25 boarder blues, neptunes, or millis they had a couple days ago?
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Thanks for the pics kickfinder.

I'm still gonna set a pair aside for myself.
I really like 'em.
...it's all just hear-say anyway.
either stick with low or high tops, no in between
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I actually like them. Im a lil confused on why nike would release 2 sbs in the same month that have almost the same color scheme. By that i mean the jason's and these. Throw the mask on the tounge and these could have been the horror pack.
why nike would release 2 sbs in the same month that have almost the same color

They have had these planned for November 07 release for a very long time.
November Rain for November.

From what I understand, the FT13th Dunk was more or less a last minute attempt to release a halloween SB Dunk when things fell through with the Freddy Dunk. (which I hear might come back around again as a surprise but see my sig).
Not sure why they chose the colors for the 13th Dunk but
I'm not in the sourcing business for production.
Maybe the leathers for the 13th Dunk were the most readily available for quick turn around or something is my guess.

...it's all just hear-say anyway.
I like these I'll probably grabbing these.
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Zoom Air Panda i was able to place an order for the boarder blues. The bad thing is they wont be shipped until May, but i dont care becasue they were 24.99 exactly with the free shipping code.
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