NT....Havin' a barbeque need BBQ tips....

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I'm having a barbeque/ house warming party next weekend and need some tips to make it a success.

Basically I'm trying to cook beef ribs, chicken wings and hot links.

What would be the best way to marinate the meat and should I do it for a couple hours or overnight.... Also, what are some useful grilling techniques( I have acharcoal grill).

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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always break out something un bbq related and bbq it

such as duck, deer etc.. always a hit
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marinate it overnight if you can...

that's the only tip i can give you

also dont have people waiting too long for the food to be ready
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Man, @*+* the food...Where the females in bikinis at?
(Cue MC Hammer's Pumps in a Bump video )
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This recipe is the best one for ribs. Trust me.

Get a full rack of ribs, a big *$@ pot, a six pack of your favorite beer (I used Sierra Nevada) and a big bottle of Sweet Baby Rays.

Put the rack of ribs in the pot. Cover with beer. Bring to a boil. Put the lid on the pot and reduce the heat to low. Let them go for 1 hour, then flip theribs over they should be getting super tender by this point, cover the pot and let them go for another 1 hour.

Remove ribs from the pot. Place on an already hot or warm grill. Baste the ribs with sauce letting the sauce build up layers and the ribs get those crispyedges.

Once you have some cripsy edges (10-15 minutes).

Remove and enjoy!

I've done this several times and every time I get nothing buy love.

Good luck and happy grilling!
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One more thing, dry rubs are waaaaay better than wet marinades for BBQing.

Look up some rub recipes or just buy one.
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I don't have a lot of experience with ribs, they aren't easy to screw up. Usually a good idea to pre-heat the BBQ, have it on for a few minutes beforeyou throw anything on.

Beef = high heat, quicker to cook, can leave it a lil undone (rare, pink in the center whatever)

Chicken/Pork = low heat, longer cook time, that way you're sure you cook the center thoroughly. Cutting the chicken open to check to see if the middle iscooked can drain the juices but its better to be sure its well cooked. For chicken/pork my trick is to add some more marinade the first couple times you flipit on the BBQ because it absorbs the flavor better at that moment (not necessary for beef).

Get extra trash bags.
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