NT whats the general consensus on Vol 1. In My Lifetime?

Nov 5, 2007


to this day imaginary player and lucky me remain in my top 10 hov songs all time...so this album is def. appreciated.
PPL overall got crazy opinions on the volumes. I've heard/seen ppl say/post that Vol. 1 is a classic and better than RD

Imo it's decent, nothing that special some great songs on it though.
Classic -I Know What Girls Like and Sunshine....i like Snshine but it was a bit commercial...didnt fit the overall feel
been cosigning it from the jump...

the realest ++*% he ever spit on a street level is on this album, hands down. Prolly my favorite album from dude.

The Puff/Kim record is the only track I skip...
can't even front i love this album with a passion...but some songs were over produced and it seemed like Jay was tryna do too much on the album

3.8 out of 5.

There's a couple of songs that really hurt the album as a whole, but there are also a SLEW of classic Jay joints on there.

Also, "A Million and One (Remix)" > the OG.
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there is a lot of junk on that album, a lot.

Personal classic

@ the very least 4.25/5 ... and I agree w/ CAKE ... depending on my mood it fluctuated b/t 1-4 in his catalog
Most definately a solid album. Imaginary Players has to be my favorite track off this. I'll co-sign the 3.8 rating
this is right after Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint for me...
I never understood why this album gets any kind of hate...
This album has so many classic tracks...
A million and 1 questions...
The City is mine...
Imangerny player...
Streets is watching
Lucky Me...
Who U wit...
Real Ns...
Rap game Crack game
Where I'm From
U Must Love Me...
I bet U if You ask 100 Jayz fans to name their top 10 hov tracks...Than about 90 of them will name at least 3 of these songs...
"I gotta be the pioneer of this $%+..." I think 3.8/5 fits this album right. Or, 3.5/5. It has filler but indeed, this album had like 3 standouttracks. Lucky me, Imaginary Player, and (intro)A million and one questions.
this album had like 3 standout tracks. Lucky me, Imaginary Player, and (intro)A million and one questions.
You buggin'.

"Streets Is Watching"
"Where I'm From"
"You Must Love Me"

+ the 3 you named, that's at least 6 right there.
This is the album that made me go back and rebuy Reasonable Doubt other than the Foxy joint I can't think of one wack song at that album. I think Jay-Z> Hova, much like I think Nasty Nas > Nas Escobar.
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