Official 2005/2006 XIV Retro Releases Post

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(Scrapped colorway info from BabyJordan0312)


Update: New Light Graphite/Chartreuse-Black picture, courtesy and new Women's Black/Pink pic. Also, White/Forest sample picture added, courtesy cementIIIs

Update 2: White/Yellow Lows scrapped and to be replaced white White/Ice Green.
Jordan 14 lows (ribbed side) releasing in White leather with Greyish blue midsole and accents.

Another all Greyish Blue suede with a black sole Jordan 14 (ribbed side) releasing. Similiar to the Grey suede Jordan 14 releasing soon.

KeonClark7 @
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The White / Cinders + Black / CherryWoods

Are Still Scrapped !

Any New / Changes in Info. Will be Posted here.

Replacements are : White / Green + Black / Carolina Blue
** EDIT ***

Also If there are any changes in these, - I Doubt it !

( White / Cinders + Black Cherry Woods )

It will be probably be like the: Low Retro II - White / Maize ( Yellow )

These were a after thought released months after the original launch of the Jordan II Series.

Maybe JB wil have 2nd thoughts on those Cinders & have them released Months Later
Faith !

Baby J
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^ Thanks. Do you have any word about the White/Chartreuse-Black and two Women's mid colorways?

I find it strange that there hasn't been any news on those being scrapped since we have yet to see samples of these colorways.
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No Info at All ..

I almost dare say they are scrapped - White/Chartreuse-Black

But Not Yet ! - :wink:

Faith !

Baby J


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please let that chartreuse color be scapped! white/carolina mids would b a decent replacment :D

WANTED: black/white/red Air Max Penny retros from 01' will pay BIG $$$ for a DS pair sz13
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BabyJ, are you also positive about the price, $150?
Cause a few of these J's are already in the computer at my local footlocker, in Amsterdam The Netherlands, aand there the price reads 119.99 (euro's that is..) and that not close to $150...
Could you shed some light on that?


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Not a big fan of XIV but great work KC7.

Maybe some final shots for me :D

Regards from Beijing
LY Ji.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]please let that chartreuse color be scapped! [hr][/hr]
HELLLL no.......... colorway is fire

and maybe its just me but..... the white/red look awfully brown


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thanks big man
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am i the only one upset with the white/black 14's, the leather should be the smooth type, instead of the design they have right now, taht deisgn is on the black/black/red 14's and now they put it on the white/black 14's
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the xiv calendar is ad busy, there is at a least a 3 must have :pimp:

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I don't know if any of you have been collecting long enough to remember the early prototype pics of the XIV, but those should be released. Those were pure hot, but they were dropped in favor of the white black XIV.

I don't have a pic any more, but they basically combined the white/black and white/red XIV.

The upper was white leather and the foam/shiney/fancy stuff on the side was red, like the white/reds. The back was black with red lettering and the sole was black. The color combination was very old school, but they dropped it for cleaner colors I guess.

Having been a collector since back in the day I have been dissapointed in the deterioration of the color combinations. While the newer colors are "cleaner" I like the old shoes like the 7's and 8's that had lots of different colors all mixed together.

Let me know what you think!!
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Thanks for the info. Cant wait for the black/university blue XIVs
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