Official 2020 Boxing Thread: 12/12 - Joshua vs. Pulev DAZN, Stevenson vs. Clary ESPN

Who will be the winner of Wilder vs. Fury II?

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been watching DAZN HW fights instead, Zhang had a nasty ko on Vargas, Hrgovic stopped Booker 1st time booker being stopped
Joined Apr 28, 2020
Haney dominated but he’s gonna learn that next time don’t talk about what you may do compared to other fighters who faced the same opponent. This does nothing for him and was a sparring session.

Haney probably my favorite but he’s not marketable plus he’s boring so he’ll have to just wait in line next to Tank, Ryan and the rest.

he’s gotta learn how to to fight out of being tied up plus those legs. I hope his power is real cuz Gamboa didn’t feel em at all.
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Haney dominated. Looked real good. That power might not be there. Just need a little work when getting tied up.


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been watching DAZN HW fights instead, Zhang had a nasty ko on Vargas, Hrgovic stopped Booker 1st time booker being stopped
hrgovic gotta get in there with some real competition soon.
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Talents there for Haney, but im getting Andrade vibes from him. Don't got the wow factor. Bet tank and teo gonna clown the hell outta him.
Joined Apr 28, 2020
No way Haney would be able to keep Tank off him for 12 rounds. He's gonna catch him and im sure Haney and Ryan Garcia have chins like Amir Khan.
Joined Jul 11, 2018
I just caught that 8 min highlight clip on YT. And judging from an 8 min clip, must have been a boring fight. Gamboa just a shell of his former self and Haney still couldn’t hurt him. I see Haney trying to be “Pretty Boy” with his style and strategy. But just not as sharp. He’s fast but his punches just seem lazy. Prioritizing his speed, but no emphasis on power. Like he’s not clenching his fist or something. And he’s a little too wild. Gotta work on closing in his distance and timing.
Gamboa, I hope he retires. Remember how explosive he was when he first came up? One of NT’s favorite from back in the day. Fighting with his hands down, fist like bombs.
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