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Sonny Corinthos

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If you're implying it's fake, it's not. Retro Brand makes licensed NCAA jerseys. Lots of people sleep on them, but the quality is pretty good. Made in USA. Not all accurate since they use the same materials for everything. However, it's good for the money IMO
Unless Wade played wearing that stuff it looks funny
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You called his jersey fake basically. I said it was a legit licensed replica. What else is there to it?

Take the L, bro
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You implied fake. I said it was licensed- check both my posts.

Shoot, I wasn't even trying to hammer you for your mistake. Just sharing the info. Don't get salty lol
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Does anyone know where I can get NFL custom Elite jerseys? or even custom Limited jerseys. Not the custom Game ones.
I don't live in the US, so apart from the Fanatics websites and its other sister sites, I don't have much to go on. All they have is the custom Game jerseys. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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Thought I’d see eBay flooded with Majestic authentics from the last couple seasons. Haven’t seen ****.
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These are the sellers pictures but I just copped this.

Probably won't be seeing it for a bit because I'm having him send it to someone to get stripped and redone.


I'm always amazed when I see something this old that's basically in perfect condition.

People really be buying **** just to have it sit in a closet for 30 years, :lol:
Who you swappin the Dougie for
Got this back today, they put the wrong kit on it but I might just end up keeping it as is.

I need to find more IHL jerseys in my size but it seems like there's not much out there.

Woah miro satan
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