Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

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Yeah this whole EP is underwhelming but i mess with "Shotgun", "Xanax Damage" and somewhat like "Love Thy Enemies".

Overall tape is a 3.5/10. This sounds like extras from "HNDRXX".
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I always respected that Future gave Esco quality songs for his projects, Married to the Game is elite. Not to be on no chatty patty sh** but I feel like Esco and Future might not be cool anymore. You never see them together and Esco hasn't A&R Future's last few projects.
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Since we're talking opinions that probably aren't popular, I never got into Project E.T. I might give it another try this summer.

Wildest Future opinion I have: I like Honest more than any Future tape/album before it. I listen to tracks off all the older ****, but don't play any of them from start to finish.
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I'm still pissed that Benjamins Burn stops after like 2 mins than the rest is them doing that Italian skit. :stoneface:

Coulda been another Codeine Crazy/Blood On The Money.
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