Official Mitchell and Ness Thread: Jerseys, Hats, Shirts, Shorts, Questions POST EM UP

Joined Jul 27, 2012
This is exactly why i dont want to buy more shorts... if i had the time to wear it then it would make sense... id probably wear my shorts more if they had pockets but its hard to find a tailor around me that can do it... so not really an option
Everything you said is my current situation. If I found a decent tailor. I would probably get a bulls and a magic pair since I have so many sneakers in those colors. But I rarely wear the stuff I do have largely due to the pocket issue.
Joined Nov 5, 2003
missed the boat on wizards dons my size from oneness %50 off.

anyone know of any other retailers who have em in stock and on sale for nearly the same price?
Joined Nov 2, 2008
Anyone know how the baseball jersey fit for M&N?
I want a turn ahead the clock jersey but not sure on sizing
Joined Aug 10, 2012
I'm posting revised photos of this '90s Bucks alternate jersey because I can't believe I recently realized I had the right shoes to go with them when I already had these Concord XI from December 2018. I got the jersey sometime in late 2019 to be specific.

I could have started wearing it soon after I got the jersey since I was already sitting on the shoes. I'll go with these despite them having really little a%$ purple on them with the tongue detail because it's safe to assume that they won't make some white/purple/green retro Jordans, especially since the Bucks are a less popular team.

I still haven't worn the jersey after I got it 2 years ago.
Joined Apr 5, 2014
Got a notice this was in stock. Sorta want but its excluded from disco.
$180 when you add to cart and free shipping
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