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Joined Mar 19, 2013
I was getting torched by Warriors last night, playing on Superstar level. 

Steph wasn't missing..  All their 3's just about went in.. 

Then I changed the difficulty to All Star and that's much more fitting for time being, still lost though. smh
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Pro AM has some problems. When I played with my buddies, our overalls got nerfed. My SG ran slower than other team's big guys. So annoying.

I noticed only home team players' overalls get nerfed. Away players have their full overall. From now, my friends and I decide to choose away over home until 2k fixes this problem.
Noticed this when I first started. From what I can tell both teams seemed to be decreased. Really dont understand the reasoning but ut didn't keep me from playing. My guy dropped from a 91 to a 79 and im still putting in work. I love the 5v5 part and the connection is too smooth. Not an ounce of lag compared to rec last year
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How much do you guys with 90+ OVR players average in actual MyCareer games?? My dude is an 83 OVR shooting guard and I can easily get 30+ pts, 10+ reb and 10+ assists per game

I really never miss wide open shots though. Pick and Roll>>>


Formerly 'dcallamerican'
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Yea he went on a run in the 3rd. I was up double digits. I never recovered.

Lots of scoring in transition.

Lots of scoring in pNr. (I have to find a way to combat this. Might just not hedge all together).
Joined Feb 12, 2013
Damn, I just lost 2 straight to the Lakers in mycareer, they got Roy ****** Hibbert playin GOAT defense and Deangelo Russell impersonating John Stockton. :x ...I'm the Center for the Spurs and I gotta guard Olujuwon, I mean Hibbert and Randle bc the cpu is so damn slow on the switch. :smh:
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@Zombie Slang  VS @DCAllAmerican


DC was up by 15 at one point in the game. But I usually start off slow, so I took it in stride. It normally doesn't take me until the 2nd half to actually realize how my opponent plays. And how to formulate the perfect defense to stop his plays. So by the 3rd quarter it was game time. I slowed the paced down, and took the game over. I realize that DC loves to set plays, instead of just running the ball down the court like the usual 2k players you meet online. Especially the pick and roll offense, which I love to defend. And after I completely realized his game plan, there was no coming back. In the 4th, yes, I was shaky because by then I knew how good of a player DC actually was, but as long as I kept the lead, I'll be good. And I was. I won, and now I feel ******* fantastic. I feel unstoppable. IF I BEAT DC, NO ONE ON NT CAN BEAT ME. And that's fact. 

YO @DCAllAmerican, GOOD ******* GAME THOUGH BRO. The length of the quarters really gave it that real NBA feel. I felt everything from confident, to nervous as hell. 
 But that had to be one of the best games I've ever played. No lie. You'll definitely get your rematch though bro, no doubt about it. Great game. 

But, Russel lit a fire up under yo ***. And we ain't even stretch doe. 
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glad you guys were able to square off.

Calling all PS4 users. Let's ball. Jrain88

Trying to make a name for myself as the best 2k player on here.
Joined Jul 25, 2012
DCAllAfrican DCAllAfrican you don't mess with Brandon Knight?

That box score is crazy. D Lo 12/34 2/13.

Roy Hibbert is way too impactful in this game. Swats everything and finishes everything. Even cash from mid range. Lakers are a handful with the right user.


Formerly 'dcallamerican'
Joined Oct 13, 2001
I don't like the two PG lineup. Lack of size. I play either Bledsoe or Knight. Rarely both. I start Sonny Weems.
Joined Dec 27, 2012
started a myCareer game & noticed we have Omer Asik starting instead of Robin Lopez....

turns out we traded RoLo & Kyle O'Quinn for Asik & Norris Cole.. :smh:

my days as a Knick are numbered, requested a trade the second my game was over
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