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But other than that, if you’re just trying to make a decent living, you don’t deserve scorn. Systems deserve scorn.
Word. And to be clear, I agree that the system definitely deserves some scorn.

While some managers of capital are more open to diversity, it cannot change the fact that we are on a glide path to living in a country where 80% of Americans will be poor or right on the verge of poverty and won’t ever own a home or be out of debt or able to retire or even take a sick day or have a predictable schedule.
The question I was addressing was whether institutions that adopt "woke" language are sincere. And I think we both agree that you can sincerely oppose many kinds of bias while working, intentionally or not, to institutionalize economic bias.

You can sincerely believe that trans people should feel safe and nurtured at work while also helping rich people build wealth faster than GDP growth.

Now since you are obliquely accusing me of anti Semitic tropes, I have to address it.
I apologize; what I wrote is a cheap shot. I wasn't intending to call you out as anti-semitic, but I am very aware of the history of that phrase and I should have been more careful with my words.

What I was trying to get at is that the way you talk about "capital" speaks to net effects and broad observable economic outcomes. But it ignores the intentions and rationale of the people that work, or even lead, firms who allocate capital or facilitate the allocation of capital. So by using that phrase what I intended to point out was that dehumanizing a bunch people in the service of a broader (Marxist) narrative and framing will often lead you to inaccurate conclusions.

But again, and clearly, I apologize; I was wrong for what I wrote.

And not only that, history has shown that as soon as either material conditions worsen and there’s less to go around or when faced which serious challenges from the working class, the liberal bourgeois and professional class turn reactionary in a hurry.
Haha, this I am very, very aware of on a personal and visceral level. Durable access to the corridors of power is really dependent on having healthy representation in the elite.

I suppose this is a round about way of saying that I’m not super impressed by people with money and/or power being nice, its the absolute least we can do.
As long as we agree that they are actually being nice. And while I agree that this isn't necessarily admirable in itself, I think you'd agree that it's also mostly unprecedented..

It’s the system that needs to be focused on and the key to having a genuinely equitable system is one where capital is out if the picture or at least is radically constrained.
Stated without proof. Or even a definition of "genuinely equitable", but likely not a fruitful line of discussion here and now. So I agree that you sincerely believe that :wink:.


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After Jan 6, you'd be hard pressed to find any of that within the leadership of the GOP.

Just look at how they are treating Liz Cheney, the McCain widow, and Romney.
The three aforementioned victims all played a significant role in the current state of affairs.


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QAnon-obsessed mother shoots man in the head after becoming convinced he's a child-stealing Satanist: report

Christopher Hallett had garnered thousands of followers on YouTube and Facebook as a self-proclaimed expert on child custody law. Hallett then tried to used his alleged expertise to help Neely Petrie-Blanchard fight for custody of her daughters -- a favor she returned by shooting him in the head in his Florida home because she thought he was part of a cabal of government Satanists who wanted to steal her children, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Replace "QAnon" with "al-Qa’ida" and this story would grow more legs than a house centipede.

Congressional hearings.
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The three aforementioned victims all played a significant role in the current state of affairs.
Of course they did.

The line they're not willing to cross is blatantly lying about the elections to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Biden administration, and that's why the rest of the party is turning against them.


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then 8 people get shot up somewhere, Jeff Bezos buys a city, or COVID gets another life bar and it's right back to a future of grey skies.

this is a fateful period in human history.
If the uncertainty bothers you, just admit out loud that we’re all doomed in the next few decades once climate change is both irreversible and cataclysmic.


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Notice how I built An AMERICAN TOUGH SUV? I get 8 mpg but da MERICAN TOUGH V8 has da passing power to destroy libs. VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
8 mpg? have you thought about driving more aggressively -- speeding more before red lights (combo'd with a hard brake)? revving at stoplights also does wonders.

I'm down to 5 mpg fwiw.
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