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I remember I was in here back in '15, going about my rounds analyzing Marcobot and Sleepy Carson, when I noticed Baby Colombia in the corner of the thread. He had these big pointy ears and these giant eyes, just staring back with childlike innocence. He was barely a foot tall at the time.

Coal Gang leadership was reluctant at the time -- he was a foreigner, after all! -- but we ended up taking him in. What started as a charity case quickly turned into the biggest investment in our history. He had the ability to stave off libbies with just his mind, like he was using some powerful force that was equal but opposite to innuendo and hyperbole. Soon it became clear that he was the most powerful of us all. His ability to parse the Mueller report in a matter of hours and explain concisely how it was all just a witch hunt.... His investigations into Trump's finances that proved once and for all that Donald Trump is an economic Jenius.... His ability to buy and sell online accounts -- I still am indebted to Belgium Belgium for snagging me that ever-elusive email address whywesteppin3140124948@hotmail.com for only $700 :wow:

Long story short, it's good having you around. Can't say the same about your socialist neighbors in Europe though....
Let us not forget da Putin muskets I supplied to the Coal Gang
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Corey Booker too real for White people ?
No just horrible timing cause he announced after Kamala and then he didn’t do great in the debates. His baby bonds was a great idea but as we are all learning again if it’s not designed for the boomers nobody care and is young folk are screwed by design.


formerly colombia
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The Bush administration’s lies in the lead-up to the Iraq war were far more severe and on a larger scale but in terms of sheer quantity, the Trump administration brazenly told lie after lie after lie, virtually every single day. Especially about the legal justification.



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I'm probably in the minority, but Cory always came off as so contrived to me, even back to when he was the Mayor of Newark.
He said he acts like he does on purpose to get attention to issues.

He tried to act like a normal mayor in Newark and everyone brushed him off. He couldn't even get developer to consider Newark. That's when he started doing the media **** to get attention. Even now he says the stuff he does is to fight for any little inch he can for people.

Dude been on hunger strikes, ran into a burning building to save a woman , tried to save someone from bleeding out from a gun shot wound, let Hurricane Sandy victims stay in his home. Dude stills lives in the neighborhood.

Nearly everyone that knows Booker personally says he a real one. His staff didn't quit and take other jobs for months because they wanted to stay loyal.

He knows he comes off a certain way, and that is by design (he is kinda a corny dude too though :lol:), because he is outchea trying to get stuff done for folk, and trying to act normal just hasn't work.
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Rico was a damn trip. We had static because dude said that he was worried my liberal arguments would convert too many people, so he want to be antagonistic as a way to balance the scales.

We beefed for years all over NT. :lol: :lol:
Ninja said the same thing though, admitting to playing the foil then getting in his feelings after being outmatched.
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