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i escaped last years winter without getting a jacket but this year i can't. Looking for a 800 fill GTX combo at a decent price. The Cryos women's one I can't find anywhere probably since its last season. and i heard mixed reviews about the fit. I am going to head to tyson's and see if they have any in store i can try on.
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I followed a link from the north face site itself, so it should be good. The warranty is only one year, though. And your welcome!
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Does anyone have the apex bionic 2 updated version? Might get one, but Looks like they took off the Velcro on the cuffs; I’m short, so I feel like the sleeves are going to be hella long. They took the Velcro off on a lot of their jackets. They never last in the long run anyways. Have a few that just won’t stick anymore, but I kind of need them to keep the sleeves slipping.
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Yeah, I need one too. Gonna use the mountain jacket as my winter jacket. Wish you could zip in other fleeces besides just the denali.
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I know it’s a female jacket... but any of you gurus familiar with the warmth and water resistance of the pallie jacket? And are samples the same full production?

I don’t like this years colors but there’s a navy blue 2018 sample of this jacket I might grab. But just wanted to see if it was really as warm
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