Official Travis Scott x Jordan Thread ...

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Yes, go to bed, you're obviously tired. The next time you post a decent fit pic will be the first.
My bad I’ll post “fit” pics for you bro.

You can rate it, it won’t be some dusty sweats though.

Matter of fact I’ll @ you so you don’t miss it.

lol you have no idea bro.


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Lmao. I know. Which is so strange, but everyone has their own taste. TS are still super fire to me though.

Lmao. Kilroy triggered! Go awf!!!!! :rofl:
blame Jordan bro lol. I always lean towards red. but this year I promise to cop more blue
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no. myself & multiple other have said these fit big. i have a 9 that i won't wear b/c they're too big and i'm a 9.
Sucks for you bro, you must have extremely narrow feet. I doubled up and TTS fits perfect for me as with all other SB’s, the TS’s fit the same.
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Thanks for the input y'all. I think if everything is legit. I'll make the trade. I have _ black toe unions, wouldn't hurt to spare one.
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