Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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If your a fan of Stand-up "The Comedy Store" documentary series on Showtime is fire. First episode covered the early years and how the Store came to be and early comics...Letterman, Leno, Pryor, Freddie Prinze and the importance of Carson. The Interviews and stories are dope. Every comic is on this doc.
Need to check this out, good looks.
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On the Rocks (2020) - 4.5/8. I only watched because I like seeing Marlon Wayans outside of slapstick comedies. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the target audience for this movie. The tone of the movie was very pretentious, but I guess that is to be expected for a film written by a wealthy white woman. Which leads me to another point...

In contrast, I rewatched High Fidelity a few weeks ago, and it was obvious that the story came from a man (apologize in advance if the book was different). Dude cheated on his girlfriend, was afraid to get married, and basically caused her to have an abortion...and you are confused why she left? Really bruh?!?! And of course they got back together in the end :stoneface:

Off topic: I liked Hubie Halloween :lol:
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Good Lord Bird
Lovecraft Country
Fargo s4

:pimp: Black Excellence
Completely forgot Fargo was starting up again.

I bought the S2 DVD and started a rewatch. Don't want to start S4 in the middle of my rewatch. Then I realized the whole series is on Hulu.

Amateur hour over here. :smh:

Still haven't seen S3.


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The Lodge 4.9/8

it’s just one of those movies where nothing really happens. You can’t really build up tension if you never feel the threat of danger, or gore, or anything. I just watched a movie about some people living in a cabin for a few days (weeks?)

also, this was marketed terribly. They give you quick cuts that seem like there’s a supernatural element to this film, or a sick Cult like with A24 movies. But again, you have people just existing an nothing else. Not at all that interesting, and I wouldn’t even say there’s a twist. Only marks I give this was for visuals, which did a good job of making me feel cold.

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It Comes At Night ...

This movie had soooo much potential, bruh. Due to what's going on with Covid, the story kept my interest....but this movie was low key trash. They gave no details as to what the hell was going on.

Sidenote: I'd like to see, Kelvin Harrison Jr. play Miles Morales in a live action film.
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The Boy 4/8 - Wasn't scary at all but didn't expect that 3rd act. Will check out the sequel although I've heard its garbage.

How High 2 2/8 - So disrespectful to the original. No cameo for Meth or Red.


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I haven't forgot, just been super busy. Slowly getting closer. Start prepping your boards. And NO leaking or hinting picks/shows etc. Zip it.

Next I need to find all the owners that want in. lawdog1 lawdog1 dangerousg dangerousg Master Zik Master Zik calibeebee calibeebee noskey noskey kingkoopa kingkoopa Who else????

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