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Hey NT I have a laptop with full hard drive. Ive been trying to delete files to free up space for some time now, and it says I don't have ownership of the file to do so. Trustedinstaller is what it's called. I have been searching all over the Internet, trying to find a way solve this problem. And I can never figure out how to solve it. I even watched the youtube video showing me exactly what to do, and still refuses to let me take ownership of the file. I'm not a computer pro or anything but i'm sure Ive done it exactly right. I might have to take it to a PC help business to fix it for me but that cost money. Can anyone help me in restoring ownership of my files?
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Originally Posted by SoleWoman

give this a shot


however most of those files should be system files or important files...are they really the ones tying up space? have you put all your docs and media (music movies etc) on an external then deleted?

I neglected my laptop for 2 years and saved everything on it's main HD. I didn't purchase a external HD until I had popups telling me I was running out of space.It was only until then that I learned about trustedinstaller, and that I didn't have ownership of the files to delete them.

I tried that link many times before, it say's I need "Administator's permission" instead of "Trustedinstaller's permission" thank's tho...
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can you just buy a flash drive or external for now?

if you really want to delete them try using file assassin by mozilla
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Put all the stuff youd like to keep on the external then reformat.
That's what Id do, sorry its not a direct answer to your question though.


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control panel>performance information and tools>open disk clean up
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