the black one should have released
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Yea they really should have ^^ but Im kinda glad they didnt.. Beast will be all over them. But I doupt the white will stop them from these either. Nice... :smokin
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lol^ thats true but i would have rather them release the og color for me to have forget about all the hypebeast
Fs/FT both ds pm me for pics

sz9 air huarache le low 2002
I'm not usually one to do this but it's obviously been posted, it clearly says Niketalk in the picture. Shoes are nice though.
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Nike is lost as far as what the consumer really wants. Please if your on NikeTalk reading this smartin up Nike and give the people what they want Og color and design. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was an O.G. white "Peace" Air Raid. It had black soles, a black back, and black straps, though. Also, why did they change the shape of the straps if these are supposed to be the II's? The straps on the O.G. II's were more of a curvy shape, and were also made of 'pebbled' leather/durabuck.

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they best shoe ever imo this was the first shoe i bought with my own money (air raid in general) not this colorway , retro black and @#%$ and Michigan colorway . love these
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Those shouldn't even retros. The OG peace air raids were the Air Raids II. Those are Air raids I, plus the print has change.

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I've wanted the black Air Raid IIs and the Aqua VIIIs for a long time. I got the Aquas. Looks like I won't get the Air Raids.
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nike needs to just retro them the same way as the og or if not dont retro them at all... a waste of sneaker materials imo
Fs/FT both ds pm me for pics

sz9 air huarache le low 2002
Nike is going to have to retro the Africa medalions necklaces to go with these.
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