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Doesn't matter, question was not answered... thanks for the appropriate responses. The rest of you..    Smh
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that is just terrible.....

but why dont you just do it yourself....u need a pic??? that means you dont even know how this looks like???? did you just make this garbage up?
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I don't understand why people do this, it looks ridiculous just like people wearing a button up under a t shirt
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Put on what you plan on wearing tomorrow and look in the mirror. Damn some NTers are just getting lazy
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Originally Posted by Rodrigo23

Hey Niketalk, Tomorrow im going with my sisters to their church and wanted to wear my pink polo (short sleave) with a long button down underneath...  i want to fold the arms of the long sleace up and cuff.. i REALLY need a pic if anyone has one of how this should look.. thanks for your time.  (untucked in, hollister jeans, casual feel)
why dont you do it yourself, you have the clothes and a mirror
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Why do you want so badly to wear both shirts? Are they like your only 2 good shirts or something and you want to show them off and floss in Easter Sunday service? If so, wear the polo and tie the button up sleeves around your waist and let the body of the shirt hang over your bottom, or tie it around your neck and choke yourself. Seriously, wearing the 2 shirts together is not going to work in any iteration.
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