Post Your Favorite Game System of all Time

Joined Sep 16, 2005
To this day,

I believe Socom 2 is still the best online multiplayer game of all time. I spent countless nights/morning playing crossroads with my buds.

Since Socom 2 is on the PS2, I therefore conclude that the Sony Playstation 2 is my favorite game system of all time.
Joined May 1, 2006

the first time i saw Mario pop out of that green pipe in all his 3D glory, i spazzed. That moment wil be etched in my memory forever. For that reason, and many others, N64 gets my crown.
Joined Mar 25, 2010

so many great memories of this game system. I used to rush home everyday after school to play this and come nighttime when mommy and daddy tells me to turn it off cause I have school the next morning I would tear up a bit. The only thing I hated was that there wasn't a memory card for this game console. One time I was angry at my sister for accidently pressing the reset button when I was almost done completing the game Sonic

Video game is not what they used to be. Blowing air inside the cartridges to make it work was the good old days.
Joined Aug 20, 2003

This exactly how I got em too... one banned/modded.. one legit... like two face's crib. I've had some battles on 360..

honorable mention... lot of fun with my brother and friends with this guy

Joined May 4, 2008
For me, no system could see the Dreamcast.  It was the stepping stone between the bygone generation and the true next generation systems.  With online capabilities and running at 128 bits, it was well ahead of its time.  Too bad it couldn't hang around longer.
Joined Feb 3, 2008
the only console that ever had me hooked was the N64..thats probably because i was like 6 or 7 years old...then in 2006 i was hooked on the 360 for like 3 years..i own both the ps3 and the 360 and i dont really play either consoles now..just havnt had the time
Joined Jul 16, 2002
kinda tough to pick just one for me but the three that will always be my top faves:

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