Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

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being bitter and disgruntled isnt a blessing though.
you definitely got me beat in that category bro! :rofl:

LOL a 40 year old yearning and needing the respect of some random *****s on NT

this is too good :lol:
What are we bitter and disgruntled at? That we're not a clown like you?

It's also funny how all of a sudden you don't care. You avoided this topic like the plague for well over a month and even were posting in the Drake thread.

But you're so soft that you can't even take being joked on a message board about some lame rapper you adore.

In all my years of being on message boards that's some next level ***** ****.

And I don't even want to get in to you being a 25+ year old man holding grudges against people Drake doesn't even hold animosity towards.

Yeah champ, you display a lot of characteristics we admire :lol:
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Mfers can’t front on Young Thugs ratio of good songs. He’s a song maker bruhs :pimp::pimp::pimp::pimp::pimp:.

The man literally never has a wack song/verse.

How many people y’all think Thug ghostwrite for??


I bet my left nut, that he done wrote for Drake :nerd::nerd:
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She has a point with the Ross contradiction.

How you gonna tell Meek she a keeper bc you see her riding for Meek with Obama with your own eyes but as soon as they break up you use her for a quick line

She did also admit to doing things for promo “everyone does it in our own little way”

When the footage supposed to drop?
Joined May 11, 2017
Nicki needs to drop THAT album, personal album just going at heads
She’s in perfect position to drop an album where she’s just snapping on ******. It gotta be all rap with the hardest beats she can get.

Imma prolly just barely skim thru it if that so idk why I’m making suggestions but still :lol:
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It took a few minutes before I could figure out who she was talking about. Could have been Game, Nicki or Two Wigss
Joined May 11, 2017
Those Chris and Gillie vids you can see the DNA of what Wayne was doing but Wayne just had that southern swagger with it...sort of like how ****** took and modified Quavo/Keef/Future/Thug flows into their own little things...
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