Realese Dates in Canada

Feb 8, 2007
I always tryed to figure this out because i do alot of research on shoes and when they come out and what not ive always wondered if the realease dates are the same in the Canada as they are in the states, because a couple times ive been dissapointed and gone to like say Champs on an expceted realease date but they werent there and then other times i go and they are i could never really figure it wondering because the 3's are supposed to come out saturday and ill get 50% on saturday so that will be perfect but im jus looking for any info...anyone in Canada had the same experience as me or what just lookin for some tips and stories thanx
That is a long sentence. I guess the best thing to do is keep up with a local store, because those items should be on their manifest. They should also have a RD sheet from corporate or something showing the correct dates.
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yea i tryed askin some of the employees they either dont know like they say, or they dont wanna tell it possible just to get that RD sheet from them or call up like champs head?
I'm from Montreal. RD are the same for US & Can. We're just not lucky when it comes to LS releases. Perhaps the Champs you go to just doesn't get all GR realeases. There are maybe 3 stores in Montreal that get all GR's just to give you an idea.
the 50% off employee discount probably will not work on the 3s, i'm PRAYING theres gonna be V's left...
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That WAS a long sentence. :lol:

Never had that problem. Just create a relationship with your local spot.
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Word...majority are the same as the states. There have been a few exceptions though...
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arent the 3s coming out next month? the ones releasing this month are ls and lifestyle shoes dont come to canada, when is the 50 day?
when is the 50 day?
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"research" what do you mean?.... 1st Champs will tell you they don't sell L'style in canada (so you should have known that by know) 2nd discounts almost never happen on Jordan shoes 3rd if you want the cool grey's they're plenty of guys here in Toronto getting them for other guys that don't have access to getting them for $260 @#%$ can.
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Nice shoes, but not worth 260. I can hold off til the FR III's next month.
Latest Pickups: Air Foamposite One (Dark Neon Royal/ white-black)
^ Co-sign.

I tried to get at Troopers about the CoolGrey IIIs, but never had a chance to head downtown.
I'll just wait to get the FireRed IIIs. I need to get me some connects. All my old ones resigned or found a better job.
And is it just me, or is it in Canada, always when I come the day after it releases they are all gone, but when I visited the states I came around two/three days after a shoe released and they still had it (alot of sizes too).
CB4 > VC
260 is a ripoff for some CG III's...maybe the FLIPS....hopefully the 50 is good on the XX2's I'm not impressed...even the NBA Players are back to rockin 9.5's, XXI PE's and B Loyals and V's on the first night back from the break.....

I might be able to help out CG III heads holla at your boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apocalypz...there's still time homey so get at me before Friday, maybe we can meet somewhere more convenient...

theprocessofbelief and spankdaniels...not worth $260?!? ripoff?!? do y'all buy kicks for value? what are these, shoes or friggin trading cards?!? if you're in it for value then wrong hobby bruh...

as for Sparks "ripoff" comments, I'd like to see you get some connects, go down to the US and cop LS J's for like 30 people, half of which you've only met for the 1st time, incur all the costs for that shoe run...come back up here and tell me how much you're gonna chop it for!?! dont forget to lemme know the price before hand so I can come on NT and ISS, put you on blast and @#%$ & whine about your pricing being a "ripoff" even though you did all that work and used you're connects to cop that many LS kicks for other people!?!

*** ridiculous, I guess this type of behaviour and comments are expected in a thread of kids begging for 50% off a J on release day!?

Canada LS says your welcome! and thanks to those that actually did business with us!
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Yo man guys take it easy... judging from the crap MTL Troopers goes through to hook boys up here with Js & crap he's doing you guys the favour.

MTL do your thing... $ means different things to different people.
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ekin95 (from ISS Running Forum)
& more I forgot :frown:
^ for reals thx man...I wish I could film my runs and do like a documentary or some @#%$ y'all what lengths a true sneakerhead will go through just for kicks!?!
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^ I would love to see that Hek, do a sneak-umentary (my trademark) ....give your boys their own cams while they go around...
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I would like to purchase 50 pairs of these CG III's, can anyone help me out?

u for real Ari Gold?

yeah double izzO trust me I've been on like 6-8 serious runs in the last year and a half and the footage I could've had from line ups and seeing the same people at different stores in the same day!?! pure crazyness and there's sooo many other weird and funny situations I've been in from being out of town and meeting US heads!?! really wish I documented what I've been thru since the DMP's dropped...
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Go do a triple-@#%$-axel over to Michigan and get me 50 pairs of CG III's

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