Retro 8 Clothing White Anthracite Dark Orange

its all right not that bad actually, Except for that Jordan hoody :x
. Thanks for the pics.
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I like that AIR hat and the shirt with the rings is dope.


Is that a rhinestone "AIR" hat?

The Gold Chain Hoody might have been cool if you could recognize the image a lil better.

The "Dead Serious" Wings Zip-up is just comedy.

The Orange hoody is confusing. Why is there elephant print on it?

Is that a jersey printed on a t-shirt or is there a shirt under a black jersey?? Either way, I'm passing....

The Jumpman Rings montage is clever...but I thought we were done with all-over print clothing...Apparently Jordan Brand missed the memo.

"Say No To Fakes"....No matter what kind of clothing they produce that has this message, I'll always remember the Fake IV's shirt they sold at Finishline.

Thanks FlipJays for the new pics...But I'll pass.
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i like the hoodie if only it didn't have jordan on the whole damn thing..if only JB didn't copy the dead serious hoodies
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wow all of that is hot garbage.
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Found my sertig's... now i am on the hunt for some Union 180's sz 13 DS or NDS
The "Dead Serious" Wings Zip-up is just comedy.

Agreed, it's terrible.

Thanks for the pictures, I'll probably pick up the rings shirt... other than that, everything else is laughable.

Hypebeasts are gonna be all over this clothing line :smh:

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at least the "say no to fakes" slogan is only being used on shirts and not shoes... oh wait I just gave JB a new idea :x
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got to be kidding me.

Check please.

Sorry, but this is steaming hot garbage. This is just beyond flea market caliber. I seriously thought this was amateur stuff designed to capitalize on the 8s, it took a minute to sink in that this was actually AUTHENTIC Jordan brand merchandise - if that still means anything.

Fire the person who "designed" it. Fire the person who approved it.

I'm a polite person, but if I see any of you wearing this on the street I WILL laugh at you.

Seriously, I'm embarrassed to have Jordan gear in my closet right now. It's getting to the point where adults honestly cannot leave the house wearing a jumpman. You may as well walk around with a pokemon t-shirt.

We've seen a lot of garbage over the last few years; I'm not even joking when I say that I'm stunned by this. As bad as things have become, I was not prepared for it to stoop THIS low.

The sad thing is, I care enough about the product that this makes me ashamed of it. It would be a miracle if anyone in the Jerry Rice building has any sense of recognition or contrition. There's no independent evaluation of anything. The only thing that matters is sales. What's representative of the brand is what sells and nothing more. It has no loyalty except to the whims of 12 year olds.

Rock, I will pay you to walk over there tomorrow and slap whoever decided to make a Jordan "dead serious" knock off. It is THAT bad.

This brand used to have an identity. This brand used to set trends.

Is this really what NikeTalk has brought to the market? That people who know nothing directly of this culture and this market sit around online, download pictures, watch threads, and then REGURGITATE it in the form of uninspired products like these?

This is a joke, and it's at our expense.

Now I know what Paris Hilton's parents feel like. You invest years of your life and incalculable sums of money into something that represents you, and it becomes an absolute embarrassment, a symbol of everything fake, superficial, immature, anti-intellectual, unoriginal, and insincere.
i like the say no to fakes shirt...i wouldn't take anything else for free
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I don't usually complain about the Jordan Brand clothing line for shoe but @#%$. What the hell is that @#%$ up there. That has got to be some of the clothes for a shoe ever in Jordan Brand history. I was anticipating the clothes for the shoe but cotdamn that @#%$ up there is horrible. On the real tip someone needs to be fired because those clothes are horrible, its like they don't give a @#%$ no more. And a person should really question there existence if they like that @#%$ hoody. That is the worst clothing line-up for a LS Jordan ever hands down. They usually have some hits and misses but all misses. And aight this suppose to be the last LS Jordan for a while, what a way to go out. :smh:
As always, FlipJays bring amazingly new stuffs.
Thanks but they are ugly.
I appreciate the photos you brought, I don't appreciate the stuffs.
are they serious??? Worst LS clothing i've ever seen BY FAR...and im not usually too critical of JB's moves but this is just laughable :rofl:
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wow, all the clothing is terrible
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