Review Request: Air Jordan XX2 5/8

Apr 7, 2002
Has anybody had the opportunity to play in these yet? I'm a fan of the XX2 performance and I prefer to play in lows, so I went ahead and ordered a pair of these.
no responses.....must be too early for the review of this shoe....throw this up in a month maybe
Blazers21NTNP , when you have a chance to play in them, could you write up a review? or a mini review. granted it's kind of a pain but this place needs more reviews. too many polls. not enough peeps putting up valuable content. thanks!
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
They are very comfortable to play in. I used the zoom pod so they were not quite as soft as the air heal but they are good for ball.
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