Someone convince me that a PS3 is worth buying Vol. 1000th Post

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I'm taking a year off from college which means I'm gonna have a %#$$#%%% of free time. The last console I bought was the Xbox360 but my interest in consoles faded a while ago. I've never really played with the PS3 much and was wondering if it was worth the purchase. Can someone convince me?
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ps3 game library has recently become solid, which would make a ps3 worth the money. plus free online service (just hook up to ur ISP).
if you had asked this a few years ago I would've said buy a ps2 instead since sony was selling more ps2 than ps3 back then


I own a 360 and don't regret it. 360 > ps3.
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You should have never started this.

I'm going to say it like this, I love the 360 but im not gonna say the 360 is better, but buy which one fits you.

I like the 360 bc the shooting games, action and etc etc
I can't say anything about the ps3 but i do see games for it that i like that isnt for the 360, but then the 360 has games that the ps3 dont have.

I say just look into the games and pick which suits your gaming.
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You should have asked them to convince you to buy a 360 so all the PS3 heads will come in and tell you
how great the PS3 is.


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@%$! you, I dont gain a thing from you buying a PS3(or a 360, Wii, etc).
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Originally Posted by Messyyy

Originally Posted by 21shots

@%$! you, I dont gain a thing from you buying a PS3(or a 360, Wii, etc).
why u mad tho
For real, what did I even do?

I just looked in my wallet and I have the money to just get one tomorrow. I'm gonna have to contemplate this for a little longer though.
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I have both a 360 and a ps3. Just bought my ps3 recently but been rolling with 360 for 2 years prior to my ps3 so my opinion is slightly biased. The 360 online service is much better if you plan on adding friends or anything like that (party chat up to 8 people) but the ps3 only offers text chat unless you and your friend are playing in the same game in which case you could use voice chat.

Ps3 is definitely the more powerful system (the recent final fantasy had to be spread into 3 discs for the 360 while the ps3 only needed 1 lol). Ps3 also has bluray if you do movie watching.

All in all, as of now id say you should go with a 360 if you buy a console for short term, but if youd stick around with a ps3 to the point where its exclusives are better then ps3 would definitely be worth a purchase.

But if you dont do much online then just get the ps3, cross platform games are always gonna be better on the ps3 playing offline (better graphics and all that).
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It only does self resurrection.

You'd have to be stupid/blind/both to pass that up willingly now that you know what it can do.
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just broke down & copped a ps3 2 weeks ago after all this time. the blu ray player alone made it worth copping, imo.
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Originally Posted by chokeonsmoke

cop a 360....again

Reasons not to cop a Ps3..
Spoiler [+]
Xbox Live, duh..

oh and by the way..
Spoiler [+]
NY > LA..
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