Someone should buy these...

Joined Feb 22, 2001
hmm i dont remember if i still have them or sold em... the red paint chipped real bad on these
Joined Dec 10, 2001
best colorway in my opinion 'cause i like the nubuck uppers

only other color i really like is the pimento red

the red paint does chip easily though

i had a pair that i got a little while after they came out and i wore them once and they started to crack so i sold them

got another pair a little under a year ago 'cause i kind of regretted selling them and i'm apprehensive to wear them
Joined Nov 18, 2000
copped these at the outlet back in the day. loved them. only bad thing is I wore them so often that the midsoles cracked.
Joined Sep 13, 2001
lol got my pair when I was down in Orlando for a wedding... Sold them later that year DS since they fit snug but if you like, you like.

Nike midsole paint chipping on all recent models FTL (this goes for all AM models)
Joined Feb 2, 2007
pimentos>these, I don't like the wine midsole, bu I do like the upper. I still need to grab a pair of those "pimento" knock offs they just putout, waiting to get them for $60 or less...
Joined Dec 10, 2001
Originally Posted by PackersGotMe

Add 30 for napsize shipping and it isn't that much of a reasonable cop
i think it's $40 for shipping now to the states but i still think they're a fairly reasonable cop
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