StockX Removes Claims that Sneakers are Authentic Vol. Y’all still copping?

Jan 5, 2013
StockX Removes Claims that Sneakers are Authentic

In the midst of an ongoing legal battle with Nike, StockX has removed claims from their product page that identifies sneakers as “Authentic.” The resale giant was called out by Nike earlier this year for their unreliable authentication process. Nike alleged that StockX’s “99.95% authentication accuracy rate” is a baseless claim and the Swoosh even purchased four fake pairs from the consignment platform to prove it.

Since the company’s inception, StockX has claimed 100% authentic sneakers, an enticing customer service policy that allowed the marketplace to grow in popularity. The authenticity claim changes can already be seen on coveted releases like the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Lost & Found.” Earlier this year the sneaker was listed at “Verified Authentic” and “Condition: New.” Now, the sneaker has removed all authentication claims and is only identified as “Condition: New”.

For those of you who have bought from StockX, have you written them off as of late after the Nike scandal came about?

Does this impact how you view sneaker collecting?

With the grey market running rampant, are you still buying sneakers for resale, or is it a bust if you can get them at a retailer?
My feet are too big to buy fakes so it's never been an option for me.

But watching from afar given the quality of fakes today

And the variability of authentic pairs

I've always been extremely skeptical that stockx is consistently able to distinguish authentic and replicas.

If you are size 13 and below Itl think you have assume there's a good chance any shoes you get from stockx are fake.

I remember this thread. This paragraph speaks to Nike’s claim of SX authenticating fakes. :smh:

Now to the best part. Sneaker authenticating. That process blew my mind. You are expected to authenticate 55 shoes per hour! That’s basically 1 shoe per minute. These guys are machines. They quickly examine the shoe, check the bottoms and inside to make sure its not worn, sniff it, and put the green tag on it. They work at such a rapid pace that there’s NO WAY they can do their job to the fullest. So many fakes and worn shoes must slip through the cracks. I couldn’t picture myself doing that for 50 hours a week. I’d go insane.

Imagine how many employees have had a similar experience, and have been at the end of their rope while working for StockX. Now imagine how many pairs of kicks those employees “authenticated” while trying to get through a 12 hour shift, and how many fakes were passed off as real.

That little green tag had people feeling confident as hell for a while. I can only imagine having to second guess a pair of kicks I paid a thousand dollars for. :smh:
With the grey market running rampant, are you still buying sneakers for resale, or is it a bust if you can get them at a retailer?

hell no to buying sneakers for resale. just buy the rep lol. probably better quality anyway
with the quality of fakes being what they are…… what’s the point.

Have yet to see a mfer get on his hands in knees in a public place to check to see if someone’s shoes were legit.

I remember the days when just the color way would tell you if they were fake or not.
Simpler times.

I remember the knockoff Jordans looking like knockoff Jordans. Even the ones that were made in the colorways that were released, they still looked off back in the day. These days I’ll see the “spot the fake” videos on instagram or youtube and it’s honestly anybody’s guess.

I can see why reps have become popular, and I can see why Nike would be in a tizzy about StockX selling fakes under the guise of authenticated sneakers.

I’m interested to see how that lawsuit plays out.
I wonder how resellers will base the price of their product now. Why would anyone agree to prices that may or may not be authentic.

Sneakers are officially dead.

Stockx tags have been for sale forever anyone with common sense knows fakes were getting through. Even mom and pop stores/consignment shops shouldn't be trusted.

With that said this doesn't change anything for people who want to believe in certain sellers/companies. Higher prices makes some think/assume they're authentic.

People are paying $200+ for bootlegs and way more for "hand made" bootlegs.

They’re just doing this to cover their @sses legally as a direct result of that ongoing Nike lawsuit. It’s like how some diet/exercise sites always have the disclaimer “this info is not intended to be medical advice etc” when it obviously is on some level
Apparently not. I’ve been seeing friends and celebs wearing those lightning strike fake 1s a lot over the past 2 years. Throws me off because I thought it was a joke at first… but nope. :lol:
If anything they're trying to avoid new lawsuits. From customers and other companies.

Ya'll thought "creating" your own "brand" would die? :lol: They send free pairs out to people with followings.

It's the new sell a t-shirt for $60 and call it a clothing brand.
StockX's verification is a joke for buyers and sellers. They see a manufacturer defect in something you haven't opened or unds and they send it back to you and charge you a penalty. Their site is bugged sometimes, when you want to sell at the current price, it lists an ask. And seeing scollards post on IG where he got two different type of Jordan 1s from StockX just points out how many problems they have.
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