Stroke of Insight (long vid...well worth it)

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Wow, I just watched all of it. I got goose bumps thinking about if I actually had the capabilities to shut the left side of my brain down. Thanks for sharing.

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+1 for posting a TED video

Most of what she is saying will come of to alot of people as her being high but I can feel what she was saying towards the end was hard for her to explain to people because I figure there are no real words that can describe the state she was in.

Definitely a rare experience to happen and to be able to be described.
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Can you imagine being able to do something like that?!? It's crazy just thinking about how little of our brain we're capable of using.
Kudos for posting.
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Watched it all...

So this is how my mom felt when she was going through her stroke?
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i would like to be able to step in and out of both hemispheres, but not at the cost of a life threatening event. this just further leads me to believe that we were programmed to be left brain dominate and still are.
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Just to clarify: Can she choose to go back into that right hemisphere now? or is she saying that we need to learn how to get there?
and also does every person who has a stroke go through this? because this is making me want to have one
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^I believe she is saying we need to learn how to get there.  It seems her reasoning is that she was alive and conscious of this totally different state when it happened, so she knows it's possible.  Therefore, it should be attainable.  I wouldn't imagine every person having a stroke go through this for the simple reason that a stroke can affect different hemispheres/regions.  

RAWse, nobody would really know except for her. 
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