Tell NT why you picked the teams you root for.... Vol. SKA's Sig

Joined Jul 25, 2007
Born in 1985

San Antonio

- LA Lakers:  Loved Eddie Jones' game and this skinny kid came in and got buckets playing like 12 mins a game, hated the Spurs at the time and wanted to root for a team that had more flair. 

Moving forward-- OKC Thunder (Sam Presti
and KD35 are the main reasons)

- NY Yankees: Loved the way Derek Jeter and Tino Martinez played the game, and the playoff run that year basically made me a fan of baseball

---- '96 was a great year


University of Texas: Graduate '09


Never had one team... some of the teams I've liked Cowboys, 49ers, Broncos, and now to some extent the Cardinals and Titans


Still looking for one


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You're moving on from the Lakers (as Kobe is going down the hill) to the Thunder (KD going up the hill) then?

*Kobe's still on top of his game even though he's on the downside part of his career, just thought I needed to include that.
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Born in Green Bay so the Packers have been drilled into me.

college bball: University of Wisconsin...born in wisconsin and have family that goes there and my aunts, uncles and granpa graduated from there

college football: University of Miami...been a fan since i was like 10...also moved to florida so ive been even more of a fan

Also bucks and brewers...wisconsin thing

mark madsen

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Lakers- hometown team, started watchin basketball in 1993 the 39 win 8 seed Lakers almost upset the 62 win 1 seed suns that year and i was hooked.

Mets- baby pics of me wearing their stuff, my uncle met the cokeheads from the 1986 team, gooden and strawberry and got me autographed pics of them plus my first baseball game i went to was a mets game at shea

49ers- jerry rice was my favorite player and i hated the cowboys.
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As a little kid growin up in LA there was Chick Hearn on the radio, and Harry Caray on TV. 

Cubs afternoon baseball was the best.  Wrigley field, Ryne Sandberg, drunk @#$ announcers, didn't get much better. 

Magic runnin showtime B Scott with the sweetest jumpers, Kareem with the hook, Worthy silky smooth out there on the court, Riley lookin cool as hell, for a little kid it don't get any better. 

Found a hat in a bunch of stuff one day.  It was a Miami Dolphins hat.  Liked it, didn't have a team yet, so I started to check them out and see what was good.  First game I ever watch I see Dan Marino tossin it around like it was nothin.  Dude was brilliant.  Dolphin fan was born. 

Then I needed a college team, like the Miami Dolphins, so I decided to watch a Miami Hurricanes game one night.  Saw a bunch of dudes FLYIN around the field, goin crazy, talkin @#$% hitting anything that moved, dancin in the end zone, not givin a @#$%, a Hurricane fan was born. 

It's really that simple.  Chose all my teams at the age of 7-8-9 and just stuck with them from that day on.  Won't ever change either.  These are my teams til I die. 

do be doo

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Originally Posted by cleansneaksonly21

Born in 1985

San Antonio

- LA Lakers:  hated the Spurs at the time and wanted to root for a team that had more flair. 

but I bet you were the 1st one downtown the years they won the chips...

Spurs- Born and raised in SA...
Cowboys- thanks to Grandpa...His last game he saw was the Romo one...

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Originally Posted by JPZx

You're moving on from the Lakers (as Kobe is going down the hill) to the Thunder (KD going up the hill) then?

*Kobe's still on top of his game even though he's on the downside part of his career, just thought I needed to include that.

Same thing I was thinking.

"playoff run made me a fan" = I like cheering for a winner

Like the Cowboys AND 49ers ...

You're the wrong person to START this thread.
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Lakers: home team/Showtime

Angels: home team/Wally Joyner

Raiders: former home team/ Bo Jackson
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Originally Posted by cleansneaksonly21

[h3]Vol. SKA's Sig[/h3]
 I can't help but read his sig every time i see him post 

as for me:

Phoenix Suns: 80's baby grew up watching Chuck.. I was a big fan of Jordan but didn't want to be a "follower" Bulls fan 
.. in the later years KJ, JKidd, Steph (
) Nash 
 can't hate on this team. 

SF Giants: Bay area native. 
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bulls- because of MJ

cowboys- was a little kid and jumped on that bandwagon

UCLA- because USC ##!*+*+ SUCKS
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Lakers- Eddie Jones was the !@$# to me when I was growing up, became a Laker fan basically because of him.

Raiders- Bo Jackson was the man, team close to my hometown.

A's- Hometown team.

Sonics/Thunder- Gary Payton was from Oakland and it was just cool having a superstar like him be from my area. Now I love watching Durant/Westbrook/Harden/Green play, it's cool seeing these young kids take on the league like they are.

black jesus

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UNC (basketball) - was raised being a fan because my step dad is a huge fan....he said Dean Smith was one of the first coaches to give blacks scholarships (as far as to big schools in NC) <<< one of his reasons for pulling for them (he's 54)

Miami Hurricanes (football) - i've been a fan of them since i was like 6 because of their colors
but later on because of how they were perceived and the mentality they brought to the football field....also have fam down there etc etc

Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets - Bobcats because thats the local team.....hornets was the local team and when they first moved disliked them and then they drafted cp3 so i becamse a fan again since i went to HS w/ him

New England Patriots - not really a fan..more less a Tom Brady and Belicheck stan

Atlanta Braves - their games are always shown here in NC so i'm a fan by default
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Yankees- Inherited from uncles
Giants- My dad is a Jets fan...when we were kids my brother and I just rooted for the Giants for some reason
Knicks- Inherited from my Dad/Uncles
Rangers- Inherited from Dad/Uncles

Pretty simple
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Grandpa played football for UofM + Charles Woodson.

Mom is a Duke grad + Steve "Wojo" Wojciechowski.
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Nets - 1st team that was on all the time that I saw when I was younger, I constantly watched them & just grew into a fan.
Cowboys - Grew up watching them because my dad always watched them, they were the 1st team I watched.
Mets- Almost everyone in my family was a Yankee fan, I decided to rebel against them with this one.

UNC - My favorite player's college
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Lakers - Kobe's game reminds me of Jordan. Not saying he's as good or anything even close to that, just saying that he's modeled his game off of Mike's and it shows.

Bengals/Reds - Cincinnati born.

Chargers - lived in SD for 6 years - good people out there.

Wolverines - really liked watching the fab five as a kid, and just kinda stuck for bbal and football.

UNC - Jordan, Stack, Jamison, Vince...Montross?
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Born: 1982
Hometown: LA

UCLA- My Dad took me to all the home Football games from 6 years old and up. Watching them play was amazing to me, the tailgate BBQ, playing football before the game and sometimes after. I used to sit near the tunnel and when the game was over the players would roll through and throw their towels, gloves, and wqrist bands into the crowd. I remember just fighting for them. One time I caught JJ Stokes (he was huge back then) in the parking lot and got an autograph from him on my jersey. Also met Warren G, Charles & Ed Obannon, and Eric Dickerson at the Football games. Will always love UCLA Football, BBall and will root for the other sports as well.

Lakers- Grew up LA, Dad loved em' I loved the way Magic was just smooth. Broke my heart to see Jordan come in and take that chip from us, but at that age Jordan was amazing to me so I liked him but always loved and will always love my Lakers first before any player including Kobe.

Cowboys- As mentioned huge UCLA fan growing up but could never get into pro football, that was till Troy Aikman came along. I also liked Emmit Smith, that was when they were starting to get good as a team so it was nice to like a team on the come up. But now that I am older I have had to live with some bad years but it makes winning a championship, whenever that might come, more sweet!

Angels- Dad was an Angels fan, he hated the Dodgers, I think he liked the underdogs and Reggie. So I naturally became a fan and have been ever since. I don't share the hate for the Dodgers for some reason, I actually like them but I can't say I am a huge Baseball fan either so that's why.
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from massachusetts

went to gtown

thierry henry

ty law, tom brady, and loved the uniforms for the wolverines ever since i can remember
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Oklahoma City Thunder- Geographically convenient, winning, young and exciting

Dallas Mavericks- geographically convenient, winning, hadn't yet grown annoyed of Cuban's antics

big j 33

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Whatever my dad was a fan of. It wasn't really an option or choice.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, he was a Yankees fan since he was a kid, same with the Knicks and Giants.

I don't follow hockey as much, but I support the Islanders over the Rangers since I was born out on LI.

And for soccer, I just always would play as AC Milan on Fifa as a little kid so that just stuck.

College I followed UF since my brother went there, but switched once I went to FSU instead. So I guess I'm not a true Seminole
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A's - Grown and raised in the Bay Area, played little league growing up. A's were the closest team to us so we always went to their games. Still have my ticket from Game 3 of the 89 World Series against the Giants.

Raiders - Watched the 49ers as I grew up, but I really didn't care for football. Then the Raiders moved back to Oakland in 96, just started watching and supporting them ever since.

Lakers - I was a fan of Shaq, followed him from the Magic to the Lakers and just started rooting for the Lakers.
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san diego chargers = was born in tijuana and have been going to games since i was 6 years old (was born in 1985), i cried when we lost to the 9ers in the super bowl, went trough the ugly years, ryan leaf, 1-15 (went to 2 games that season
), i consider myself a die-hard/true charger fan

san diego padres: my dad played baseball/softball when he was younger, so naturally he took me to padres games often when i was a little one, went to 1 nlcs game the year we los the series

boston red sox: the yankees swept us for the series (padres) so i started HATING THEM! whos the yankees mortal enemy? the sox
, so i started rooting for them in the early 2000's, became a fan pretty much because of garciaparra and it took of from there..

basketball: i was a bulls fan when i was a kid, obviously because of MJ, after he retired i didnt know what team i really liked and i started rooting for kobe and the lakers since theyre pretty much the only socal team (clippers?
), but i dont really root for them anymore, when it comes to basketball (the only sport i was good at and loved playing) i pretty much just watch or root for an underdog, i love watching college games because of the pureness of the sport..

  CHIVAS! del guadalajara, born and raised a chivas fan, ive gone to guadalaraja many times just to watch a game live
, im also a xolos de tijuana fan (2nd division soccer team), and im an FC Barcelona fan, i honestly started following them when rafa marquez went to play there (and ive always hated real madrid because of hugo sanchez
)  and of course im a seleccion mexicana fan, EL TRI!

i guess thats it :tongue:
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